From music and film festivals to races and food contests, Austin is home to many special events that attract hundreds of thousands of attendees. These large crowds leave behind large amounts of trash, most of which can be recycled or composted. Austin Resource Recovery’s Event Recycling program provides resources to improve waste diversion at events in Austin.

The City of Austin’s Zero Waste Event Rebate is an incentive for event organizers to make their outdoor events more sustainable and help reduce the amount of trash sent to area landfills.

The purpose of the Zero Waste Event Rebate program is to:

  • Provide event organizers a financial incentive to improve waste reduction and diversion efforts at outdoor events in Austin.
  • Gather data from qualifying events to use in developing best practices guidance and future city policy initiatives.
  • Help promote and achieve the City of Austin's Zero Waste goal.

Follow the 5 Step Process below and learn more about eligibility and rebate rules and request forms.

Step 1 - Rebate Overview and Eligibility

Step 2 - Register as a City of Austin Vendor

Register here.

Step 3 - Contract for Recycling and/or Composting Services

Step 4 - Conduct the Event

Implement recycling and/or composting services.

Step 5 - Post Event Application and Survey

  • Fill out and submit Part 2: Post-Event Recycling Survey.
  • Include a copy of itemized invoices and/or receipts that include the costs of all services, size of dumpsters, and weight in pounds of all services including trash, recycling, other diversion services and staffing services.Approved applications will be processed in 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Approved applications will be processed in 6 to 8 weeks.