Recently, Central Texas experienced a historic drought that eclipsed the 1950's drought. In light of such droughts, increasing population and a changing climate, the Water Forward plan will recommend water management strategies for our community’s future.

As part of Water Forward, we are evaluating hydrologic conditions and forecasting water demands. This process leads to creating water management portfolios which are evaluated based on how they perform against the Water Forward objectives.

Water Forward's Integrated Water Resource Plan (IWRP)

To learn more about the Water Forward's IWRP methodology in determining the water supply and demand management portfolios, please refer to the following resources below.

IWRP Outreach and Methodology
Austin Future Water Needs Analysis (Presentations)
Integrated Water Resource Plan Strategies

To learn more about Water Forward's IWRP portfolio options, please see below.

Water Forward Plan Report
Water Forward - Image Austin: Speaker Series