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Austin's Urban Forest Plan established a long-range, comprehensive plan for Austin's Urban Forest. Adopted by Austin City Council in 2014 our community is collaboratively working toward our community's 2034 Urban Forest Vision.

As we move into the future we expect many challenges and opportunities.

Challenges to a healthy urban forest:  

  • Accelerating land development
  • Community apathy
  • Siloed interest groups and organizations
  • Extreme climate-related conditions like extreme heat, drought, flooding, and wildfire
  • Invasive plants, pests, and disease
  • Lack of tree species diversity
  • Increasing use of parks and associated soil compaction around trees
  • Political pressure to reduce tree protections

Opportunities for a healthy urban forest:

  • Partnerships with mission-compatible organizations
  • Development of purpose-driven data
  • Increasing data transparency 
  • Supporting tree species and age diversity
  • Supporting a culture of stewardship and community engagement
  • Collectively focusing resources on high priority areas
  • Supporting internal, City of Austin, stewardship activities on public land



About Austin's Urban Forest  |  Tree Information Center  |  Free Trees