The City Arborist Program is responsible for issuing tree permits to remove or construct within close proximity of a protected or heritage tree for residential & commercial properties. These regulations are designed to achieve a balance of re-forestation and preservation to achieve the best long-term benefit for the community.


Where do I find the regulations for protected and heritage trees?

What is a protected size tree and how is it measured?

Am I required to submit an application to remove a tree?

You may be required to submit a Tree Ordinance Review Application (TORA) if you meet certain criteria. Click here to view the criteria.

The tree permitting process for single-family construction (new, secondary unit, duplexes, pools, additions, garage ports) is consolidated with the Residential Plan Review application, therefore a separate tree permit application (TORA) is not necessary. Click here for frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the Residential Plan Review Process)

How do I apply for a Tree permit?

A Tree Ordinance Review Application (TORA) may be submitted, paid, and printed through our online web portal, Austin Build + Connect (ABC). You will be required to create an online account before proceeding with the application process.

Click here for instructions on how to create an account, submit an application, and pay applicable fees. After you have created an online account, and need assistance with the registration process, you may Live Chat with a staff member Monday - Friday, 7:45 am to 4:45 pm. You may also email questions to

Click here to view a flow chart of the Tree Ordinance Review Application process.

Click here for a guide to dead, diseased, or hazardous tree removal applications.

Is a Tree Inspection required?

Yes, click here to view options for scheduling an inspection.

Once I have applied for a TORA, how do I view the status of a permit?

Click here to view the status of active tree permits.


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