Below are status updates on Local Area Traffic Management projects.

Old Enfield

The Old Enfield traffic calming project was approved through a process predating the LATM program and process. Given neighborhood stakeholder feedback, staff have finalized the project plans and completed the construction for the following areas:

  • Intersection of Niles Road and Hartford Road: The traffic circle has been removed and rubber speed cushions have been installed north and south of the intersection.
  • Median on West Lynn Street: The median has been removed and the previous rubber speed cushion configuration has been restored.
  • Intersection of Watchhill Road and Hartford Road: Rubber speed cushions have been installed north and south of the intersection.
  • Curb extensions at Rainbow Bend: The existing curb has been modified.
  • Intersection of Niles Road/Windsor Road and West Lynn Street: Stamped concrete has been installed at the median.

Further work includes installation of water meter and irrigation system and landscaping.

Austin Transportation will install an all-way stop at the intersection of Niles Road and Windsor Road. The all-way stop is not a traffic calming project but was an engineering determination based on an engineering traffic study. The all-way stop control will clarify which drivers have the right of way when approaching the intersection and complement the previously installed traffic island. Additional treatments to improve the pedestrian experience that are part of the Old Enfield traffic calming project will be coordinated with the installation of the all-way stop.

Work is weather-dependent, and may require changes to the schedule for weather events or other unscheduled occurrences. Please visit this page periodically for the most up-to-date information on the project.

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