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The Fiscal Surety Office accepts, monitors, and releases fiscal surety payments for improvements to environmental, health, safety controls, and public infrastructure. The amount of fiscal surety posted shall equal the estimated cost for the City to do the work for which the fiscal was required.

Posting Fiscal for a Site Plan

An approved fiscal estimate is required before posting of fiscal. Once the fiscal estimate is approved by the reviewer, it will be reflected in the Austin Build + Connect database (AMANDA). The fiscal surety office does not accept online payments nor credit card payments. Contact the fiscal surety office at fiscalsurety@ausintexas.gov for payment options.

Posting Fiscal for a Subdivision

The City requires a Subdivision Construction Agreement (SCA).  Please email the Fiscal Surety office for the PDF fillable format along with instructions for completing the SCA.  When posting fiscal for a subdivision, the following documents are required:

  1. The approved fiscal estimate from the appropriate Drainage Reviewer.
  2. The completed SCA with the property owner's name (from the deed), address and notarized signature.
  3. A title search (lien search) dated within 30 days of SCA.  If there are liens on the property, a lienholders consent form must be completed. 
  4. Metes and bounds of the property.

Please e-mail the City file number and the above information to fiscalsurety@austintexas.gov.

Forms of fiscal accepted:

  1. Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
  2. Letter of Credit from an acceptable bank (not foreign)
  3. Performance Bond from a bonding company

If a property is sold, it is the seller’s responsibility to negotiate the fiscal replacement with the buyer. The buyer can replace the seller’s fiscal in any of the above acceptable forms of payment. Once the acceptable replacement is received the original fiscal will be released.

How is fiscal released?

The City inspector has the authority to release fiscal. The Fiscal Office cannot release fiscal without approval from the appropriate inspector or City staff.


Email Fiscal Surety Office or call 512-974-2771.