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Our native landscape is the inspiration for this guide to earth-wise plant choices for Austin area gardens. The Grow Green plant list was created to help you select beautiful native and adapted plants which are naturally drought tolerant and resistant to pests and diseases. The less watering, fertilizing, and chemical control required in your yard, the more you contribute to the conservation and preservation of our precious water resources - our streams, lakes, and aquifers.


Featured Plants

Title Botanical Name Plant Type Light Plant Images
Coralbean Erythrina herbacea Perennials Sun/Part Shade Coralbean Erythrina herbacea , Coralbean Erythrina herbacea
Coralberry Symphoricarpos orbiculatus Shrubs Sun/Part Shade Coralberry  Symphoricarpos orbiculatus , Coralberry  Symphoricarpos orbiculatus
Coreopsis, Lance-leaf Coreopsis lanceolata Perennials Sun/Part Shade Coreopsis, Lance-leaf Coreopsis lanceolata
Cotoneaster Cotoneaster spp Shrubs Sun/Part Shade Cotoneaster  Cotoneaster spp , Cotoneaster  Cotoneaster spp
Crape Myrtle Lagerstroemia indica Trees (Small)/Large Shrubs Sun Crape Myrtle  Lagerstroemia indica , Crape Myrtle  Lagerstroemia indica , Crape Myrtle  Lagerstroemia indica
Crossvine Bignonia capreolata Vines Sun/Part Shade Crossvine - Tangerine Beauty , Crossvine - Tangerine Beauty
Cuphea, 'David Verity' Cuphea 'David variety' Perennials Sun Cuphea, 'David Verity'   Cuphea 'David variety'
Cuphea, Batface Cuphea llavea Perennials Sun/Part Shade Cuphea, Batface   Cuphea llavea , Cuphea, Batface   Cuphea llavea
Cypress, Arizona Cupressus arizonica Trees (Large) Sun Cypress, Arizona     Cupressus arizonica
Cypress, Bald Taxodium distichum Trees (Large) Sun/Part Shade Cypress, Bald     Taxodium distichum