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Our native landscape is the inspiration for this guide to earth-wise plant choices for Austin area gardens. The Grow Green plant list was created to help you select beautiful native and adapted plants which are naturally drought tolerant and resistant to pests and diseases. The less watering, fertilizing, and chemical control required in your yard, the more you contribute to the conservation and preservation of our precious water resources - our streams, lakes, and aquifers.

Featured Plants

Title Botanical Name Plant Type Light Plant Images
Sedum (Stonecrop) Sedum spp. Groundcovers Sun/Part Shade Sedum  (Stonecrop) Sedum spp. , Sedum  (Stonecrop) Sedum spp. , Sedum  (Stonecrop) Sedum spp.
Silver Ponyfoot Dichondra argentea Groundcovers Sun/Part Shade Silver Ponyfoot  Dichondra argentea
Snakeherb Dyschoriste linearis Groundcovers Sun/Part Shade Snakeherb    Dyschoriste linearis , Snakeherb    Dyschoriste linearis
Verbena Verbena spp. Groundcovers Sun Verbena spp.
Violets Viola missourensis Groundcovers Shade Violets  Viola missourensis , Violets  Viola missourensis
Wooly Stemodia Stemodia lanata Groundcovers Sun/Part Shade Wooly Stemodia.  Stemodia lanata , Wooly Stemodia.  Stemodia lanata
Honeysuckle, Mexican Justicia spicigera Perennials Sun/Part Shade Honeysuckle, Mexican Justicia spicigera
Beebalm Monarda fistulosa Perennials Sun/Part Shade Beebalm  Monarda fistulosa
Senna, Lindheimer Cassia lindheimeriana Perennials Sun/Part Shade Senna, Lindheimer  Cassia lindheimeriana , Senna, Lindheimer  Cassia lindheimeriana
Hymenoxys (Four Nerve Daisy) Tetraneuris scaposa Perennials Sun/Part Shade Hymenoxys   (Four Nerve Daisy)  Tetraneuris scaposa , Hymenoxys   (Four Nerve Daisy)  Tetraneuris scaposa