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Measuring Our Success

High-functioning organizations use performance reporting to make good business decisions. In a democratic system, citizens and city government need the highest-quality performance information available.

Year in Review 2015

The annual Year in Review report highlights the City's efforts and accomplishments. Read the 2015 report here.

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Annual Performance Report 2015

Performance ATX, the City of Austin's Annual Performance Report, captures goals and results achieved by City departments providing direct services during the 2014-15 fiscal year. Overall, here is how the City performed based on more than 120 key measures:

  • 59 percent of targets were exceeded or met,
  • 77 percent of targets were exceeded, met, or came within 3 percent, and
  • 73 percent of target performance was maintained or improved over a five-year timeframe or from when the measure was first tracked.

The City will likely never reach 100 percent because the emphasis is on setting realistic, yet challenging targets. Tracking performance data increases accountability and helps City leaders see how the organization is progressing and pinpoint areas for improvement.

The report features a “citywide dashboard” of 21 critical indicators and is organized around public safety, mobility and infrastructure, development services, utilities and major business, community services, and financial health. View the data and commentary in the full Performance ATX report -- for the first time in an interactive format. Interested in previous years' reports? View previous annual reports on Austin Finance Online.

Citizen Survey 2015

The purpose of the Citizen Survey ia to objectively assess resident satisfaction with the delivery of City services.  Read the full report and appendices.

The City of Austin rated at or above the national average for cities with a population of more than 250,000 in 31 of the 46 areas that were assessed. The areas in which Austin rated at least 10% above the national average are listed below:

  • Overall quality of customer service (+25%)
  • I feel safe in my neighborhood at night (+25%)
  • I feel safe in city parks (+18%)
  • Condition of streets in neighborhoods (+13%)
  • Overall quality of services provided by the City (+11%)
  • Quality of residential curbside recycling services (+11%)
  • Bulky item pick-up/removal services (+10%)
  • Number of walking/biking trails (+12%)

Interested in previous years' results? View on Austin Finance Online.

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