Austin’s Zero Waste goal creates exciting expansion opportunities for the local recycling and reuse sector.

By working in partnership with these local firms, we believe we can make Central Texas into the most vibrant circular economy in the U.S., where every material can be put to its highest and best use within the local economy at each stage of its life cycle.

The mission of the Circular Economy Program is to attract, retain, and grow businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs in the zero waste industry in order to create well-paying local jobs, attract investment, and support the necessary infrastructure for a resilient circular economy in Central Texas.

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  • What's going on in Austin's circular economy? Use our new Circular Economy Story map to find out! *Project is a work in progress*
  • Dedicated staff is available to assist companies interested in starting up and expanding their recycling, repair and reuse activities in Austin. Download the resource guide, or contact us and let us know how we can help!

The Circular Economy Program is a joint effort of Austin Resource Recovery and the Economic Development Department.

The City of Austin also offers a range of business assistance for recycling and waste reduction at the workplace. Please note that the Austin [re]Manufacturing Hub project is currently on hold.