Through ATX Walk Bike Roll, Austin Public Works and Austin Transportation will update Austin's sidewalk, urban trails, and bicycle plans. These plans will guide how we build urban trails, sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike lanes. They will also identify where we need them most. We’re exploring new options for traveling and getting outside, and we’ll need your feedback along the way.

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Introducing ATX Walk Bike Roll

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Welcome to the ATX Walk Bike Roll project page - thanks for stopping by! We invite you to watch this video to learn more about how we will update Austin's Urban Trails, Sidewalks, and Bikeway plans. Learn how our plan updates will be different from past plans and why we're centering equity in our planning process.


Centered on Equity

ATX Walk Bike Roll is centered in equity and inclusion, from the way we reach out to communities to the way we make decisions. We know that previous planning efforts have invested more heavily in some parts of Austin, and have contributed to challenges communities of color face when it comes to transportation access, health, and safety. Through this effort, we’re working to build partnerships across Austin and create more welcoming places for everyone to walk, bike, and roll.

We began with an Equity Scan. We interviewed local leaders ​of historically underrepresented groups and asked questions like how can we improve outreach and what concerns they have. We also reviewed how City and ​regional plans and projects have or have not addressed equity. You can read the draft copy of our Equity Scan here.

Our Public Outreach Plan strives to engage a racially and economically diverse set of people about the challenges and opportunities facing historically underrepresented groups - specifically, people of color, in conversations around transportation, access to nature, and neighborhood connectivity. You can read a draft copy of the Public Outreach Plan here. *Please note that the Public Outreach Plan is considered a living, guiding document and will be updated regularly as the project progresses.

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  • Look out for our Ambassadors! They will be interviewing and educating people throughout your community. Stay tuned for ways to tell them what you need and how you’re currently getting around town. 
  • Our first public survey was open from August 10 - September 26. We are currently reviewing public input from 4,411 respondents and will publicize this feedback in late 2021. Check back in the Spring of 2022 when we begin our next phase of public outreach.