Named after the state-designated African American Cultural Heritage District where it is located, the African American Cultural & Heritage Facility adds to the area’s cultural significance by facilitating arts, business, cultural and entertainment programming.

The beautiful facility is located at 912 East 11th Street immediately east of the State Capitol and downtown Austin. AACHF houses the Greater Austin Black Chamber on Side A and the Office of Arts & Cultural Resources on Side B. The L-shaped architectural design by McKinney York Architects has been lauded for its modern design elements.

This cultural institution benefits Austin, not only in terms of culture, diversity, resources, tourism, and activities, but also economically in stimulating business and economic development.

The African American Cultural and Heritage Facility is a three-part project that includes: (1) Restoration of the historic Dedrick-Hamilton House, (2) Construction of a 4,000-square-foot building with meeting spaces, offices, and a multipurpose room, and (3) a mosaic mural in the outdoor courtyard commissioned by Art in Public Places.


The African American Portraits Project features African American leaders who have made a difference. The portraits project is part of the “Reflections” public art installation unveiled in 2013 that pays tribute to many important people, places and events in Austin’s African American community. Portraits can be seen bordering the mosaic artwork. Visit the mural page to download the Portait Guide.

As a continuation, the African American Portrait Project will annually celebrate contributions of additional civic leaders who have made a difference.

Honorees are selected by the City of Austin’s African American Resource Advisory Commission, which accepts nominations of individuals who have made lasting contributions to the African American community and the greater Austin community.

In 2015, the City of Austin installed an informational electronic kiosk as an educational enhancement to the mural. Visitors to the yellow Dedrick-Hamilton House can touch a photo image to view biographies of each honoree. This interactive feature adds an additional tool to showcase African American history at the African American Cultural and Heritage Facility.

Portraits Project Video



Honoree Selection

The African American Resource Advisory Commission set the following guidelines for selection of future honorees:

  • Contributions to the African American community;
  • Contributions to the greater Austin community;
  • A bio and a picture must be submitted;
  • A representative from the community must present the nomination during an African American Resource Advisory Commission meeting.

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