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Prescriptions offer preview of new land development code

Read the CodeNEXT Code Prescriptions examining quality of life issues on the minds of Austinites.

The documents deliver advance previews of how the new land development code could influence four specific topic areas. A public draft of the new code will be released in January 2017.



Check out the presentation on public outreach strategies, delivered during the Jan. 11 Joint City Council / CodeNEXT Advisory Group working session. Click here to watch the video.

Click here to review the code mapping presentation, delivered during the Jan. 9 CodeNEXT Advisory Group meeting. Watch the entire meeting.

Click here to review the PPT delivered during the Dec. 20 CodeNEXT Work Session at the Zoning and Platting Commission with the Small Area Planning Joint Committee. Watch the entire meeting online here.


Review the presentation delivered by the CodeNEXT Consulting team at the Dec. 7 CAG meeting. Watch the entire CAG meeting online here.