Austie, the airport's mascot, is a cartoon chihuahua mixed breed dog with brown spots on his cream colored fur. He wears a blue bandana around his neck that doubles as his protective face mask.

Austie The Flying Pup

There is a new face at AUS — Austie the Flying Pup! Austie is the new mascot of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and loves to share advice about air travel with young travelers and travelers who are young at heart! Austie not only teaches young travelers the do's and don'ts of air travel, but also important health and hygiene tips for everyone to be mindful of during their travels. 


Austie Fun Facts

  • He is devoted to his adoptive parents, Clara and Gertrude.
  • He is a chihuahua mix.
  • Some of his favorite things include Amy’s ice cream, whipped cream from Starbucks and wagging his tail "hi" at TSA agents.
  • If you leave your BBQ unattended, he may help himself to it. 
  • He has flown all over the U.S., and never been to a destination he doesn’t like; despite this, he always loves to come home to Austin.
  • He hopes to fly abroad someday.
Austie the Flying Pup coloring and activity book

Austie Coloring and Activity Books

Issue One: Austie Flies to See His Family