The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services Report (RSR) is the HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau's client-level data reporting system. All funded grant recipients (grantees) and sub-recipients (providers) must submit an RSR data report each year via the online system.

Learn about the RSR

The HIV/AIDS Program(HAB) hap put together many resources for Recipeints and Providers to learn about the RSR report. Included below are a sampling of the most important ones.


Data Quality

Having complete client data in ARIES is the key to an accurate report. Most of the State of Texas uses ARIES to track their client data for reporting. Before starting the RSR report, the data quality in ARIES needs to be verified. Following the Data Quality Procedure will ensure complete data. The reporting period for the RSR is one year January 1 to December 31st. Some of the grants follow this timeframe but many do not. So checking all of the client data for the time frame is imperitive.  Once data is verified complete and aproved with the Data Manager. Its ready to be uploaded. ARIES is able to export the data into the correct format which makes it easy to upload into a report.

Start the RSR

Each agency is responsible for uploading their own provider report into the HRSA Electronic Handbook website. Every provider has their own account . To create or verify your account

 Login to access the Electronic Handbook. If you have trouble accessing it or do not have an account please contract your Data Manager. There are several steps to completing the report. 

The Data Manger will work with each provider on an individual basis  to create the report and upload the data.

RSR Training

Your Data Manager will set up  training in November 2018 for each agency.

Please contact your Data Manager  to schedule any additional training or technical assistance with ARIES or the RSR report.



Technical Assistance Contacts

Please contact your Part A Data Manager.

Or check out the additional resources below: