Last updated: 3.31.2020 - 10:50 am  

Following the March 24, 2020, Order by the City of Austin and Travis County to “Stay Home - Work Safe,” we have discontinued all in-person customer services at the One Texas Center facility. Most of our services are available by phone, video conference, email, and our online portal, Austin Build + Connect (AB+C)

Based on the Order, commercial and residential construction activities are prohibited except in very limited situations where the construction involves certain essential and critical facilities. For more information, please see Guidance for the Construction Industry and Supplemental Guidance for the Construction Industry to learn what projects are allowed under the Order.  

If you believe your project or activity qualifies, please visit the Construction Exemption web page for more information and resources to request an exemption. The City has formed a committee to evaluate these requests and determine whether projects meet the criteria to continue development.  

If your construction site is required to halt operations under the COVID-19 Stay Home - Work Safe Order, it is important to ensure the site is left in safe condition until construction resumes after the Order is lifted. 

For Citywide information regarding COVID-19, please visit the City of Austin’s COVID-19 information site.  



The following services will discontinue as of March 24, 2020, 11:59 p.m. until the Order is lifted:  

  • In-person consultations (these services are being provided online and through teleconferencing). 
  • Acceptance of cash payments and in-person cashier services. 
  • Review of any paper plans or documents that require retrieval from off-site storage.  
  • Acceptance of any paper building permit applications, building plans, or site plan submittals.
  • Existing paper plans that have been digitized will be reviewed, but we cannot guarantee that all paper plans will be digitized in time to comply with the Order. If you have a digital file that can be submitted, please follow the submittal instructions at our page.

If you have a question about a DSD service, and you are unable to find the information here, please email We will respond to your inquiry, or direct it to the right resource, as quickly as possible.


Modified Services


Development Assistance Center (DAC)  

For general information and technical consultation, email All consultation meetings are conducted by phone or video conference. Staff will continue to offer Thursday afternoon assessment meetings, by request, through video conference. 

  • Application Submittals 
     The following functions are available online, either through email or the AB+C portal:
    • Sign permitting 
    • Land Status Determination 
    • Board of Adjustment application submittal 
    • Temporary Use Permits/Mobile Retail 
    • Alcoholic Beverage License Zoning Verification 


  • Research Assistance
    Please email Upon request, a screen-share video conference can be scheduled for research associates to share the results of the case research.
  • Site Plan Corrections
    Effective March 23, 2020, DSD will accept Site Plan Correction applications only for changes to active site development permits with current fiscal posting. All corrections must be prepared and submitted as replacement sheets in a digital format. To initiate a Site Plan Correction, please complete and sign the Site Plan Correction Request, and email the request to ​​​

If your submittal includes large plan files (over 25 MB), please inform staff in your email and they will provide you with further instructions for uploading those files. For properties with site plans that have been completed and closed out, additional modifications or changes will need to be processed through the Site Plan Exemption process.  

Please note: Physical changes to record mylar permit sets are no longer required.

  • Site Plan Exemptions
    Effective March 23, 2020, Site Plan Exemption applications must be submitted in a digital format. To initiate a Site Plan Exemption, please complete and sign the Site Plan Exemption Request and email to

If your submittal includes large plan files (over 25 MB), please inform staff in your email and they will provide you with further instructions for uploading those files.

  • For 911 addressing, please email 


  • Austin Energy walk-ins are suspended until the March 24, 2020, Order is lifted. Please submit Building Service Planning Applications (BSPA), Electrical Service Planning Applications (ESPA), and Distributed Generation Planning Applications (DGPA) by email to 


  • Austin Water walk-ins are suspended until the March 24, 2020, Order is lifted. Please submit all Residential Tap applications and payments using the AB+C portal (must include a plat document). 


  • All Water & Wastewater Service Plan Verification (WWWSPV) and Commercial Tap applications must be submitted via email to: Please include an attached site plan and plat document. Commercial taps must include the site plan number and plat date.    

Fiscal Surety

The Fiscal Surety Office is temporarily closed for face-to-face customer appointments; however, staff are teleworking and are available from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at to answer any questions, and provide instructions for submitting your fiscal deposit digitally. 

Walk-in consulting for Residential and Commercial Plan Review 

We currently are not providing in-person walk-in consultation services at One Texas Center. Please email the appropriate group to make an appointment for a telephone or video-conference consultation.  

Residential Plan Review
Phone: 512-974-1886 

Commercial Plan Review
Phone: 512-974-3113

Intake Processes  

All intake processes are conducted with digital submittals only.   

  1. If you haven’t already done so, register for an account at AB+C portal 
  2. Call 3-1-1 to link your account.  
  3. Email the proper intake group (see below) and attach the following: 
    1. Appropriate application(s)  
    2. Email address associated with the AB+C account 
    3. Additional plans or supplemental files
      Please visit our Digital Development page for file specifications, and other detailed information. If the additional plans or files are too large for email (more than 25 MB), please let them know and they will provide you with a link for an alternative uploading option. 

Intake Contact Information

Commercial Plan Review
Phone: 512-974-3113

Expedited Commercial Review
Phone: 512-974-2071 

Expedited Residential Review
Phone: 512-974-2071 

Land Use Review 
Phone: 512-974-1770

Residential Plan Review 
Phone: 512-974-1886 

Site and Subdivision Inspection Intake
Phone: 512-974-1298

Commercial Plan Reviews  

Health and Industrial Waste reviews are now concurrent with your commercial plan review. Please include the Health applications, where applicable, with your other digital applications, plans and supplemental files.  

Development Process Team  

The Development Process Team remains available to help homeowners and small business customers navigate the development process. To schedule a virtual consultation with a process coordinator, please call 512-974-1040 or email

Service Center, Permits and Cashiering  

In-person cashiering services are suspended until the March 24, 2020, Order is lifted. Payment is available online through the AB+C portal. Online payment options include E-check, credit card and escrow. If you have questions, please email


Most inspection services continue as normal. On Monday, March 23, DSD began working with customers to perform live video inspections of occupied residential facilities. These inspections primarily affect equipment replacements, such as water heaters and HVAC units, as well as interior remodels and additions. Other inspection services, including inspections of unoccupied residential structures, have not changed at this time.  

Building Inspections

Environmental Inspections

Site & Subdivision Inspections