The Downtown Austin Wayfinding Project is an initiative to make it easier for residents, commuters and tourists to find Downtown Austin destinations and attractions. The “wayfinding” improvement project, an action item outlined in the Downtown Austin Plan adopted by City Council in December 2011, aims to integrate a range of navigation and communication tools for traversing the downtown area, such as signage, brochures, kiosks and smart-phone applications. “Wayfinding” explores ways to navigate from one place to another, and focuses on highlighting the experience of the path and eventual arrival of the wayfinding user. The system will underscore downtown’s unique and eclectic identity, as well as improve movement for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Additional archived resources are below.

Project Documents:

June 14, 2013 - Downtown Wayfinding Master Plan (PDF) & Appendix (PDF)

June 24, 2014 - Draft Downtown Wayfinding Graphics Manual (PDF)


Electronic Parking Signage

Completion of Bid Documents: Completed

Construction: (Projected Completion) - End of 2017

Orientation Map Development: (Projected Completion) - Winter 2016

Pedestrian Signage

Completion of Bid Documents: Winter 2017

Bid Award: (Projected Completion) - Summer 2017

Construction: (Projected Completion) - Fall 2018


Questions, project information, provide input - Contact Jorge E. Rousselin, 512-974-2975

Questions about solicitation, bidding, or construction - Contact: David Taylor, P.E.  (512) 974-7132