Note: Since these log files are derived from the Closed Captions created during the Channel 6 live cablecasts, there are occasional spelling and grammatical errors. These Closed Caption logs are not official records of Council Meetings and cannot be relied on for official purposes. For official records, please contact the City Clerk at 974-2210.

above net good morning.

I'm austin mayor lee leffingwell.

Quorum is present so I'll call together this work session of the austin city council on tuesday, april 10, 2012.

We're meeting at 301 west willie nelson boulevard, austin, texas.

The time is 9:07 a.m.

And the first item on our agenda is to go into executive session to discuss legal issues related to electric utility revenue regulation and decoupling.

So without objection the city council will go into closed session and take up one item pursuant to section 071 of the government code.

The city council will consult with legal council regarding the following item, to discuss legal issues, item 1, related to the electric utility revenue regulation decoupling.

Is there any objection to going into executive session?

Hearing none the council will now go into executive session.