>> Mayor Leffingwell: A

quorum is present, so I'll

call this special called

meeting of the austin city

council to order on friday,

august 17th, 2012.


The time is 2:10 p.m.


We're meeting in the council

chambers, austin city hall,

301 west second street,

austin, texas.

Before we begin I'd like to

take a minute here to

recognize somebody told me

there were 50 school

children here from dove



Could you stand up so that

everyone will recognize you?


and I see you have a lot of

signs there.

So as we go through the

meeting, remember look

around and see if there's

someone behind you that you

might be blocking that

couldn't see.


So you could keep your signs

out of their way.


So we basically -- we have a

couple of items on the

agenda if necessary.

So the first is to approve

an ordinance amending the

order calling for the

november 6, 2012 election to

provide for a general

obligation bond propositions

and declaring an emergency.

We do have some folks signed

up to speak.


Only five so far.


Without objection, council,

I would like to limit --

this is the third hearing

we've had -- actually, the

fourth -- to limit public

testimony to 30 minutes.

That would be 10 speakers.

Right now we have five.

So the first speaker that we

have signed up is ophelia


Is ophelia here?


So ma'am, you have three



>> Good afternoon.


Again, I want to thank all

our dove springs youth for

being out here with their


My name is ophelia zapata.

I am vice-chair of the

southeast neighborhood

contact team.

And I'm here on behalf of

our community to shed some

light on some background of

the dove springs recreation


When it -- first I want to

thank you for the staff's

work and the current

proposed dollars allocated.


However, since 2004 it was

the last time that the

public health department put

in a proposal for a

multipurpose center.


We are the only neighborhood

east of i-35 that never

received a multi purpose


And although there is

dollars allocated in there,

we're talking about for our

neighborhood because of all

the research that has been

done in the last two, three

years about our community

and the obesity issue and

all the health issues,

safety issues, that our

multipurpose center we want

a comprehensive multipurpose

center that has a senior



Our seniors are homebound.


We want the total holistic

approach to creating a safe

and healthy community.


When we originally built the

dove springs rec center

there was a police

substation in the actual

architect because that was

the goal was to continue

creating a safe


It was moved out 10 years



There is a lot of things

that we are challenged with

in our neighborhood, but we

are here to do our part with



But what we're asking today

is to really look at the


that would not create --

that is not enough money for

the multipurpose center that

we need in our community

that we have been waiting



It's been in our 2002 plan

for 4.5 million.

So we ask you to seriously

do what you can to increase

those dollars to create the

facility that we need to

make dove springs 78744, a

healthy community and one

that our children can --

won't be limited to the

recreational activities that

will help them become

healthier children.

Again, thank you and again,

thank all the students and

the families for being here.

>> Mayor Leffingwell:

Thank you.


Mona gonzalez.


>> Good afternoon, mayor and

city councilmembers.

We are, as you can see, a

young community.


What does that mean for

austin, texas?

It means the future

bilingual tech workforce, it

means the future leaders of

this community, chris.


Mike, it means the future of

austin, our beloved



So today there are here to

voice their opinion.

As so eloquently stated by

ophelia zapata, we need more

than the 1.7 million.

We know how tough it's been.

We were there at every

single bond election

taskforce meeting, even the

children were there.


But it has come to its time.


We must make decisions.


Recently I saw a map, laura,

of dove springs.

And we've seen many maps

because there's a lot of

research going on as owe

peel I can't mentioned.


This map was a little

different, do you know why?


Do you know what it had on

the map?


[Speaking spanish].


Little bears.


And on that map with little

bears all over dove springs

you would think that maybe

they were celebrating their

birthday or maybe it

signified something very

beautiful, but do you know

what it signified?

It signified the traffic

fatalities that have

occurred in our



Every little bear meant that

a child had been somehow

hurt either through a bike

or pedestrian situation.

And I thought to myself, why

is that happening?


And part of it is because

they're playing in the



They don't have enough safe

placing to.

As a mother and as a

grandmother, you can

understand that is our worst

nightmare, that our child

would be one of those little



And so we beseech you today.


It's not an easy decision.


It's tough.


But for the sake of the

future of austin, the future

of our families and the

future of these children,

please enlarge, expand, have

the boldness, make a few

changes here and there, but

make it happen.

We are so grateful to you.

We know each one of you has

a good heart.


You have a pen in your hand.


Exercise it for the good.


And if you do, we will seek

together the beauty of dove

springs in just a few years.


Look at them.


They're headed for college.


Mark, they want your job.




And they will succeed by

god's grace.

Thank you.

[ Buzzer sounds ]

>> Mayor Leffingwell: Next

speaker is pat smith.


Is@smith -- okay.




You have three minutes.


>> I know you're exhaust and

I know your time is

precious, so I will not -- i

will not burden you with any

more of our plea.


I think that the children

here certainly speak for the

passion and the need in

community, and the previous

speakers did a beautiful


We appreciate all your time,

work and effort.


We know the decisions are

difficult, but dove springs

seems to be and has been

overlooked for a very long



And this is precious time in

the childhood and youth of

these children that affects

their future.

So we would appreciate each

of you considering very

closely more dollars for the

dove springs recreation


Thank you so much.

>> Frank (indiscernible).

mayor and members of

the council, my name is

frank cardenas, I'm speaking

about mexi-carte museum.


I'm a new coming to austin.


I moved from longview about

four years ago when i

retired, and I'm sure that i

have the same experience

that many of you had about


Many times I went to there

and there was no way that i

could have thought that

there was a museum behind

the walls.

When I found out what the

museum was doing, the

quality of their exhibits,

the quality of their

education, the quality of

their board members, but

most impressively, most

importantly, I was impressed

that out of the four or five

museums in the nation,

mexi-carte is the only

museum that has an official

contract with the government

of mexico to bring masters

to exhibit here in our



Now, consequently the museum

is the official museum of

the state of texas for

mexican art.

The only problem is that we

don't have a facility to

bring these masters.

We don't have a place to

exhibit, you know, those --

you know, those good -- the

good art that we can bring.


And we need your help.


And I'm sure that there's

many of you that are going

to help us because improving

mexi-carte is not only going

to be good for mexi-carte,

it's going to be a great

improvement for the entire

city of austin.

And maybe the state of



You know, people go to fort

worth to the kimball to see

special exhibits.


People go to houston to see

special exhibits.

There's no reason why people

can't come to austin,

especially being the capital

and austin being such a

vacation area to visit, you

know, with the capitol.


So I ask you to consider --

I know you want to help



I know that in your heart

you want to help mexi-carte.

I just help you to dig in

your minds and see what you

can do and try to help and

get some fund there's for


In closing I want to add one

more thing, mexi-carte for

more than 25 years has made

so many things, has done so

many things for austin.

Education, bringing the --

you know, it's a cultural

entity for hispanics.

And it's a sanctuary for

people, you know, like

myself that were born in



And I think it's due time

that austin give mexi-carte

just a little bit back.


And that's all I have to


Thank you for allowing me to



Thank you.


>> Mayor Leffingwell:

Thank you.

Sylvia roscoe.

>> I'm going to give a few

of my time to kathleen who

wrote this incredible letter

and I wanted her to read


>> Mayor Leffingwell:




councilmembers, good



I am kathleen needorf, as

she said and I am just on

the advisory committee for

mexi-carte museum.

I am here in support of five

million dollars in bond

money for a new mexi-carte



My ethnicity is purely

northern european.

I was really disappointed a

few years ago to find out

that the great, great

cherokee grandmother was not

mine, it was my cousin's.

So I have nothing but german

and welsh blood.


But I'm a sixth generation

texan and hispanic heritage

is mine too.


As it is for all of us.


I'm convinced and my husband

frank joins me, that the

city of austin will be

missing a major opportunity

for cultural recognition and

economic growth if this new

museum is passed over.


As the previous speaker

mentioned, people go to fort

worth not only to see what's

in the kimball, but to see

the kimball.


People go to san antonio to

see the mcnee.

As is witnessed by the buses

in their park lots on a

daily basis.

Mexi-carte as envisioned by

the architect fernando

romero, who designed a

museum in mexico city, would

be a spectacular addition to

downtown austin, to downtown

revitalization, as well as

an addition to the soul of

this city.

Finally, it is indisputable,

just peruse the research of

the deeming on ralph he at

rice and the former head of

the united states census

bureau that the population

of texas will have a

majority of hispanic

citizens in a decade or two.

They would be fools not to

recognize the potential for

encouraging educational and

cultural programs and

facilities for our state

that take advantage of this


Mexi-carte museum could be

just such a facility for

just such programs.

Thank you very much.

>> Mayor Leffingwell:

Thank you.


You have about 45 seconds.


>> Thank you.


Mayor and community members,

I've been doing this for 30

years, and before that, i

just want to say I was like

many of the children here

and I grew up in crow,



And I didn't have the

opportunity to go into a

museum until I was 20 years


And then I went to mexico

and lived in the city with

more than 100 museums.

And I lived in those museums

for five years and I said i

want to come back to austin

and I want that for my


And we've done everything we

can, made something out of

nothing for all these years,

and I just ask you -- we're

connected to you, we have a

50-year contract with you.


We went through the process,

we got a recommendation.

Community has spoken.

I just ask you to help make

that push a little bit more.


We can bring greatness to

this city.

Thank you.

>> Mayor Leffingwell:

Thank you.


Larry graham?


>> Good afternoon,

mayor, members of the



My name is larry graham and

I have served on the board

of mexi-carte for a little

over a year.

And just briefly, I wanted

to say that I support, if

possible, adding funds in

the bond for mexi-carte for

the new building.

It's quite a project and i

think it would really

allow -- it would be

something great for

downtown, but it really

would allow the museum to

display a lot of the art

that its unable to display


I think it would be

something spectacular for


I know you have some very

difficult decisions to make

and we're down here kind of

down to the wire, but I just

ask that you consider

putting some money in for

mexi-carte to help with the

construction of the new


So that's all I have to say.

Thank you.

>> Mayor Leffingwell:

Thank you.


Elizabeth baskin.


>> Hello.


I'm here as an austinite.


I'm here to represent all of

the children who have

opportunities to do all

sorts of wonderful things

through our museum for

children in underserved



And I am a concerned person

about our downtown, about



I think the possibilities

would be so exceptional if

we are able to have a

wonderful building there on

the corner of fifth and


Right now we have all sorts

of amazing architectural

things going on downtown,

and our little building

needs some work.

And not only from the

inside, but the outside.


The things that it will

bring to austin and the

opportunities for tourism,

for people coming and saying

in hotels and spending lots

of time in austin, and to

grow the culture here, will

be absolutely wonderful.

So please consider giving us

the additional monies that

we need to start out our



Thank you.


>> Mayor Leffingwell:

Thank you.

Those are all the speakers

that I have signed up to


So council, we are at first

and second readings on

propositions 12 through 17

have been approved, it's

been approved on first and

second reading.


Today we'll consider third


>> Cole: Mayor?

>> Mayor Leffingwell:

Mayor pro tem?


>> Cole: I will move for

approval on third reading of

all the items -- all of the


>> Mayor Leffingwell:

Mayor pro tem cole moves

approval on third reading.

Is there a second for that



Seconded by councilmember


Further discussion?

Councilmember morrison.

>> Morrison: This has

certainly been an ardous

process and last night was a

classic struggle that i

think we all tried valiantly

to find some agreement on,

whether we were going to be

supporting fire stations or

mexi-carte or bathhouses or

design or bridges or


And didn't move the needle

at all, but I think for

myself there are some very

positive elements in this

package and it's certainly

time to put personal

disappointments aside and

move forward.


I can tell you that last

night I certainly considered

voting for this so that we

could just avoid this

meeting, but I just was

optimistic that after a good

night's sleep somebody was

going to be able to pull a

rabbit out of a hat and come

up with some miraculous way

that we could all agree on

shifting some funds that

would make everybody happy.


But that didn't happen.


But what it did get me

thinking about is one of the

things I think that struck

me is, you know, 20 years

ago there was criticism that

all our resources were going

outside the city -- to the

edge of the city.

And that we were ignoring



And I think that -- I just

want to say that I think we

need to be wear that we

don't move the needle too

far to the other side and

that we do need to find a



We need to include the whole


It's wonderful what's

happened with downtown, but

I don't want the other --

the other parts of the city

to be -- to lack the

resources that they need to

be able to remain vibrant.

And we need to do -- you

know, we need to do our jobs

in a very even handed way.

In any case, there are some

things, of course, that i

disagree with, but on the

whole I think that this is a

solid package to take to the



And before I close, I want

to thank -- I know we've

thanked the taskforce before

and I want to thank the

staff that have been like

deer in the headlights when

we start saying let's move

this and this and this and

this, and y'all kept up with

us and all the personnel

that are behind you and all.


It's been a delight to work

for you.

So I would say that for the

good of the city I want to

be part of this statement

that this council is going

to make in putting this

proposition on the ballot

that this is a solid --

these propositions, that

this is a solid package and

it's deserving of their

serious consideration.

So I will be supporting the



>> Mayor Leffingwell: Any

other comments?

Councilmember tovo.

>> Tovo: Thanks.

And thank you to all of the

community members who have

come downtime after time and

been part of the taskforce


I know you have all invested

lots of time and energy and

resources in this ongoing



And I want to extend my

thanks too to the staff

because the information

you've provided us with has

been very useful to making

these hard decisions.

I too hope that after a good

night's sleep we might see

some new solutions emerging

this morning.


But ter looking over the

spreadsheet for the 50th

time, I don't think there

are any options that we

haven't tried in terms of

shifting money around.

And I think in -- as a whole

I think this is a very

strong bond proposal.

I think we will -- priority

projects that have been

discussed and contemplated

in this proposal will reach

all across austin, east,

west, north and south.


And I think that's a real

success to have a bond

proposal that is so


And I want to say that I am

so thrilled to see a bond

proposal going before the

voters that has such a

strong commitment to

affordable housing because

it is such a critical need

in this community.


So I really thank my

colleagues for their support

of such a high level of


I know it was a challenge to

get to that number.


I know there are many in

this community who would

like to see that number

higher, but I think it is a

strong to significant

commitment and it says a lot

about the vision of austin

that we want to see in the



And I think that's

especially important after

hearing the stories and the

hearings that led up to this

final vote of the elderly

woman living without running

water in her house and a

home repair grant was able

to turn that situation


The child living in a van

and going to the library to

plug in his nebulizer, that

is not any of our vision of


And I know that this money

that we have in the package

for affordable housing will


lives, and I'm very

supportive of the package


Soil be supporting today's



>> Mayor Leffingwell: Any

other comments?

Councilmember martinez.

>> Martinez: Just briefly,

I want to look at all of you

and thank you very much.

I know it hasn't been easy.

I know we've disagreed on

little individual items from

here and there, trying to

make some last minute

tweaks, but I know we all

share the same value, and

that is we care so much

about this city.


And the reason we struggled

this week is not because we

can't get along and because

we can't agree, it's because

we can't stop caring about

our citizens and trying to

do more, trying to do as

much as we possibly can.

So I thank you all.

And I look forward to

working with you all,

getting this measure passed

and then getting to work on

the next project, whichever

it is.


So I really want to share my

thanks to the entire

council, to the city manager

and to all of your staff.

I really appreciate all your



>> Mayor Leffingwell: City


>> Ott: Thank you,

councilmember martinez.


I want to take that thanks

and appreciation and pass it

on to a very capable staff

sitting here, mike and staff

and everybody who worked

hard for a long time to

bring a recommendation to

you and worked hard as you

worked your way through it

to get to where you are



My hats off to your heart

felt appreciation for all

your hard work.


Thank you very much.


Likewise to the taskforce as


Thank you.

>> Mayor Leffingwell:

Before we vote I want to

clarify in case I misspoke,

that this is on propositions

12 through 18.

12 Through 18.

Somebody said I might have

said 17.


So --


>> Cole: Go ahead.


>> Mayor Leffingwell: I

just want to also -- this

has been a lot of hard work

for everyone.

It's been a very difficult



If money were unlimited it

would have been a lot

easier, but money is limited

and we had to really work

hard at prioritizing these


We've heard today about two

needs that are very great in

my opinion, meritorious.

Over the past four times

that we've addressed this

item in public we've heard

about a lot more.


There are a lot of --

there's a lot of need and a

lot of items that need to be

funded still out there.

This year and this bond

package we can't do it.


That's unfortunate.


That doesn't mean it's the

end of it.

We'll continue to look for

ways to help people all over

this city, not with this

bond package, but with other

efforts, and we'll continue

to try to think of

innovative ways to do things

to help those who have unmet


Thanks to all the



I know it's been a difficult

process for you as well.

And somebody said earlier

that if it were -- I believe

it was you, councilmember



You might have had some

slightly different

priorities and I think we're

all in that same boat, but

this is something where it

has to be a collaborative

effort and we volleyball to

agree on a final package --

we all have to agree on a

final package at some point

in time.


And that's what is facing us

with this next vote as the

final vote on a package that

all of us can support, at

least I hope that's the


Mayor pro tem?

>> Cole: Thank you.

First I want to acknowledge

the mayor for coming up with

a process whereby we could

vote on individual items and

did not have to vote the

whole thing up or down.


That was the procedural move

that I think made us leap

very, very far.


I want to thank

councilmember martinez for

making his proposal first

public and laying out a

groundwork for us in our

first meeting on the issue.

I think that set the stage.

And I want to thank

councilmember morrison and

councilmember tovo for doing

the same and for emphasizing

continually the importance

of the citizens bond

advisory committee and the

work that they were doing

and our need to acknowledge



I want to thank

councilmember riley for

hanging in there and working

so hard to make sure that we

got this done.


Our city manager often times

doesn't say much, but he

works hard and stood behind

his staff, mike trimble and

the countless others.


Not just with us, but with

the bond advisory committee

and many, many citizens.


Finally and foremost, what

is happening in other cities

where the confidence in

government is declining, it

is obvious that here we are

doing much better because we

have citizens that answer

our calls time and time

again and give us their

talents, their energy and

their time to support our

process of governing.

And I want to thank all the

people on the taskforce and

all the people who brought

items before the taskforce.


My goal was to make sure

that we had a package

without a tax increase.


And together we have done


We are addressing our most

pressing needs and they will

be met.

And at this point I simply

ask the citizens to give us

their full support because

this is a package that

deserves approval at the

ballot box.


Thank you, mayor.


>> Mayor Leffingwell:


All those in favor of the

motion say aye.


>> Just real quick on advice

of legal we would like to

just go through the final

numbers for the propositions

and then I think legal has

another piece of information

to give you.


>> Cole: That is not a

nice way to end, michael.


>> I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Always about process.


>> So the totals that we

have by propositions,

proposition 12,

transportation and mobility,

is 143,299,000.

Proposition 13, open space

and watershed protection, is

$30 million.

Proposition 14, parks and

recreation, is 77,680,000.


Proposition 15, housing, is


Proposition 16, public

safety, is 31,079,000.


Proposition 17, health and

human services, is



And proposition 18, library

and museum and cultural arts

facilities, is 13,442,000.


>> Mayor Leffingwell: Any

questions about those



>> Cole: Move approval,


>> Mayor Leffingwell: We

already -- go ahead.


>> Thank you.


Lela fireside for the law


I just wanted to make sure

that y'all realize that the

reason that you have yellow

copies is because we made

sure that the ordinance

addressing the calling of

the election as amended by

you all to set up all the

charter provisions is

reflected in part 1 of this


And that's also why the

numbers [inaudible] charter


I just wanted to make sure

you were aware.


>> Mayor Leffingwell: We

understand that.

>> Thank you.

>> Mayor Leffingwell:

Further discussion?


All in favor say aye?


Opposed say no?


It passes on a vote of six

to zero with councilmember

spelman off the dais.



so item number 2 I don't

believe we have any matters

to discuss or any action to

take on that since we passed

item number 1.

And so items number 2 and 3

are withdrawn.


Without objection, we stand

adjourned at 2:42 p.m.