Welcome to the Affordable Housing Inventory, a dataset of income-restricted affordable housing funded and/or incentivized by the City of Austin and/or the Austin Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC).

The inventory is accessible through the City of Austin’s Open Data Portal, which provides easy access to open data about city government in an effort to spark innovation, promote public collaboration, increase government transparency, and give city leaders information necessary for evidence-based decision making. 

The Affordable Housing Inventory includes locations and contact information for affordable housing, the types and income restrictions required for certain units, and the different City programs under which the projects were funded.  The Data Portal also offers a digital map version of the inventory to get a spatial relationship of what units are available or where.

Take a tour of the open data portal at data.austintexas.gov/

Affordable Housing Listing

This inventory serves as the source of the City of Austin’s Affordable Housing Listing of income-restricted affordable housing units in Austin—including a map of their locations across the city—to assist low- and middle-income home seekers in the city. 

The Affordable Housing Listing site is easy to use.  It is divided into geographic regions across the city and links to individual developments’ websites, phone numbers, and describes the kinds of properties (e.g., single family or multi-unit) and the different housing types (senior, students, transitional, accessibility for persons with disabilities, and general residential housing).  A navigable, digital map version of the listing helps home seekers locate housing developments in proximity to schools, employment, transportation, and amenities in the city.


If you have questions about the Affordable Housing Inventory Data Portal, please contact Neighborhood Housing and Community Development at NHCD@austintexas.gov.

If you have general questions about the City of Austin Data Portal, feel free to visit the City of Austin’s Open Data Support Center