Community Registry

Community Information

Name: Chestnut Neighborhood Plan Contact Team

Planning Id: 974

Organization Email Address:

Organization Website:

Organization Zip Code(s): 78702

Number of Households: 640

Type of Organization: Neighborhood Plan Contact Team

Primary Contact Information

Name: Mr. Andrew Sinnott

E-mail: Not Displayed By User Request

Phone: 631-241-3306

Secondary Phone:

Address: 1602 Cedar Ave ,Austin, TX 78702

Office Held: Chair

Secondary Contact Information

Name: Mr. David Carroll

E-mail: Not Displayed By User Request


Secondary Phone:

Address: 1708 Ulit Ave.
Austin, TX 78702

Office Held: Vice Chair


North: Martin Luther King, Jr, Blvd

South: East 12th Street

East: Austin NW RR

West: Chicon Street

Meeting Information

The Chestnut NPCT meets on a quarterly basis.

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