The Imagine Austin Speaker Series is an opportunity to promote and implement the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan through shared dialogue and mutual learning. We invite targeted thought leaders from around the nation to give talks on various subjects to promote and implement the vision and policies set forth in Imagine Austin.



Happy Cities: Building Well-being into Urban Design/Policies

Tristan ClevelandDalhousie University

Monday, October 28 | 11am to 12:30pm

Long Center for Performing Arts, Kodosky Lounge (701 W Riverside Dr)

Description: Happy City uses the science of wellbeing to create healthier, happier, and more inclusive communities. This session will discuss the role of urban design in promoting feelings of safety and economic and social development. Drawing on brain science, psychology, and urban experiments, the speaker will demonstrate how urban planning and design influence how we feel, behave, and treat other people.

Drawing on a decade of research, this talk will cover how the way we design buildings, neighborhoods, and cities has a profound effect on health and happiness and offer evidence and examples to inspire designers, decision-makers, and city-dwellers to embrace happy design and empower them to take action.

This event is taking place as a part of the Austin Energy Corporate Learning Week PLUS+ and the Imagine Austin Speaker Series.

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Long Center for Performing Arts, Kodosky Lounge
701 W Riverside Drive
Austin, TX 78704
United States

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