The Austin-Xishuangbanna Sister Cities Committee regularly sends delegations to Xishuangbanna and invites cultural and educational groups to visit Austin and participate in exchanges with Austin institutions.

Xishuangbanna is in a mountainous region in the Yunnan province. Yunnan is home to 1/3 of all China's ethnic minorities and ½ of all China's plant and animal species. The city is home to the Water Festival, rocket festivals, and boat races on festive occasions. 

Partnership Outcomes:

  • An artists’ delegation from Xiamen visited Austin
  •  “Treasures of the Yunnan Province,” a cultural exchange showcasing folk singers, dancers, musicians and acrobats, hosted in Austin

Additional Information:

Please contact Kevin Chen for more information about the Austin-Xishuangbanna sister city relationship. More information can also be found at

See the complete list of Austin's sister cities at the Sister and Friendship Cities Program main page.

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