NHCD manages a number of projects for the Austin community, including acting as receiving agent for U.S. HUD funding,  directing commercial and urban revitalization to underserved areas, and improving the quality of life for the community.

Homelessness Programs
Homelessness is a key priority for the City of Austin, with nearly 2,000 people on the street or in shelters. Homeless/Special Needs Assistance serves the City’s most vulnerable populations, including persons experiencing homelessness, persons living with HIV/AIDS, seniors, youth, children, and families.

Austin Public Health Partnership
NHCD partners with Austin Public Health and several community organizations to fund and administer programs for those with special needs. It includes providing affordable child care for eligible families, locating housing opportunity for persons with HIV/AIDS, and working with senior citizens and youths to acquire health services, employment training, volunteer opportunities, and support services.

Permanent Supportive Housing
Permanent Supportive Housing does eactly as the name states, helping homeless, disabled, and low-income people to live independently in the community. Tenants have leases or lease-like agreements in an environment where apartments are affordable, rent cannot exceed a third of tenants’ income; and property management and specialo needs services are provided by not-for-profit organizations.

Tenant Relocation Assistance Program
Displacement can have destabilizing effect on vulnerable members of our community, including low-income households, the elderly, and the disabled.  The Tenant Relocation Assistance Program supports those folks with relocating to alternate low-income housing and services when faced with displacement.

Neighborhood and Commercial Revitalization
Commercial revitalization creates opportunities that have made the East 11th Street and 12th Street corridors culturally rich and and provide opportunities for private investment.  Visit the Commercial Revitalization page for further information on the development revitalization of the East 11th and 12th Street corridor project.