The Neighborhood Assistance Center (NAC) provides educational resources and information about the City of Austin’s operations and services. The center facilitates and assists effective communication between neighborhood stakeholders and the City of Austin.

 The following provides detailed information about the Neighborhood Assistance Center and its services:

Organizing your neighborhood group

Stakeholders can get involved in shaping their neighborhoods by participating in active neighborhood associations, homeowners associations, and other self-defined community organizations. The NAC can provide useful advice to groups and individuals who are looking to organize a neighborhood group, and can provide information about using key City of Austin involvement tools, including the Community Registry

Working with the City of Austin

The Neighborhood Assistance Center was created in 2009 to support and assists neighborhood-based groups in identifying city services. The NAC provides training to neighborhood-based groups and individuals who are interested in getting more involved with development activities at the neighborhood level. Neighborhood Advisors are available to discuss concerns and answer questions by both phone and email.

Getting information about private development

The NAC can assist with understanding land-use procedures, programs, and projects, as well as how to use various online tools & resources to locate case-specific information. These online resources can include Code regulations, the order in which land development processes occur, navigating the public hearings process, how to contact commissioners and council members, numerous interactive and ready-made maps, and more.





  • Public Records Search 
    Search for any official records; Council Resolutions and Ordinances; meeting agendas and items by meeting date, case number, keywords
  • Boards & Commissions
    Council-members appoint members of each Commission or Board; Bylaws and/or Rules & Procedures, Meeting schedules, agendas with backup materials, minutes and videos of past meetings
  • Elections
    Council campaigns & Political Action Committees, voting information, election results, lobbyists


  • Citizen Connect
    Interactive map of code complaints
  • Code Connect
    “Hotline” staffed by experienced code inspectors to help with general code questions, provide resource guidance, escalate issues, and give updates on existing cases (phone & email)


  • Official City Memos
    Official Distribution memos provide updates and status reports on City issues and programs to the Mayor, Council and City staff
  • ATXN Video (City of Austin TV Channel 6)
    Video (or audio) recordings of Council & Commission meetings online (live and archived), News Conferences, “CityView”, “Notes in Time”, other videos.  (some Board & Commission meetings are not video-recorded)
  • Public Information Requests
    Regardless of what information/records you are seeking, start on this page, and it will be routed to the proper department(s)
  • Austin Notes
    Sign up to receive regular email alerts from various departments/programs
  • CityWorks Academy
    Inside look at the workings of Austin’s city government and operations for adult residents of Austin




  • City of Austin Plans
    Central location of all City planning documents such as Imagine Austin (& annual reports), Neighborhood Plans, Small Area Plans, Strategic Housing Blueprint, Parks Long Range Plan, Capitol Complex Plan, Transportation Plans, Strategic Direction 2023, etc.
  • Maps & GIS Data
    Pre-made maps, GIS data for download, links to all COA interactive maps (FloodPro, Property Profile, Parks, Traffic, Crime, etc.)
  • Austin Police Department (APD) District Representatives
    Learn what services they can provide, what APD District are you in, and who is your “DR”


For further assistance, please email the Neighborhood Assistance Center at Or contact Carol Gibbs at 512-974-7219 or Mary Helen McCarthy at 512-974-7117.