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*** The Court will be conducting some Information Technology maintenance on April the 28th, 2017. The Payment Portal will be down during this time and re-instated when maintenance is completed later in the day. This message will be removed when Maintenance is complete and online Payments can be made. ***

Welcome to the Austin Municipal Court Public Inquiry system where you can pay online. Use the navigational menu below to find the Criminal, Traffic, Parking or Ran Red Light - Photo information for the case(s) you want to pay. It may take a few seconds or longer to return data. During this time, do not click the "Stop" or "Back" buttons on your browser.

Criminal and Traffic Cases

Search by your name, your driver's license number or your case number to pay your ticket. Get started.

Parking and Red Light Camera Cases

Search by your license plate, vehicle identification number (VIN) or case number to pay your red light or parking ticket. Get started.