Austin Resource Recovery recognizes Austin businesses and organizations that practice resource recovery in innovative and environmentally responsible ways. These businesses help the City of Austin reach its Zero Waste goals to reduce landfill disposal 75% by 2020 and 90% by 2040.

One way for businesses and properties to get started on the path towards Zero Waste is to request a free, onsite waste assessment from Austin Resource Recovery staff. Waste assessments are a great way to start or improve a workplace recycling program.

Zero Waste businesses and organizations comply with all waste diversion ordinances, purchase reused or recycled products, and measure their diversion rate. A high diversion rate of materials from the landfill is accomplished through effective workplace recycling or composting practices.

Another way for businesses to get involved is to become part of the Office of Sustainability’s Green Business Leader program. This program recognizes local businesses for pursing sustainability in their operations. Green business is good business, especially in Austin. Sign up your business, and look for ways to save money and help keep Austin a livable city. 

Request a waste assessment.

We are in the process of determining the next steps for the WasteSMART program, if you are interested in being part of that discussion, please contact us.