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Open311 is a technology that creates avenues of communication between cities and their citizens.

It enables citizens to more directly interact with their city. Open311 is utilized by many municipalities across the country to report non-emergency issues, also known as service requests. These service requests are used to report issues such as graffiti, streetlight problems, park maintenance, and pothole repair just to name a few. The Open311 protocol authorizes 3rd Party Developers to access a city’s citizen service request system and enables them to submit and query service requests via their mobile application.

Austin 3-1-1 understands that its largest asset is the City of Austin’s citizens. Austin 3-1-1’s implementation of Open311 draws upon the City’s thriving developer community to create mobile applications that empower citizens to become the eyes and ears of the City. Embracing its tech savvy citizens and local developers is a tremendous allocation of the City’s resources. The ability to report service requests utilizing 3rd party technology expands the ease of access to the City’s departments. Ultimately, utilization of Open311 aligns with Austin 3-1-1’s mission to provide uncomplicated access to City services and information.

The City of Austin utilizes the Open311 API standards to support developer access to its service request database.


Austin 3-1-1 maintains a test environment for 3rd party developers to test their apps against Austin 3-1-1’s implementation of the Open311 API. There are two types of API Keys, one for a Test environment and one for a Production environment. Note that a developer does not need an API key to read data only. Please visit the Developer FAQ. For more details on reading and writing of service requests to the City’s customer service system, please visit Developer Tools.

Developer must agree to the Technical and Operational Requirements and Terms of Service in order to request an API key. As previously mentioned, query of Service Request data does not require an API key. However, developers are still required to follow the Terms of Service.

Requesting an API Key

Test API Key Request

  1. Visit to request a Test API Key.
  2. Your Test API Key will be automatically granted.
  3. You will automatically be redirected to a confirmation website.
  4. You can get started immediately developing against the Open311 test system.

Production API Key Request

Once you have completed your mobile application's tests in the testing environment, you may then request a Production API Key using the instructions below. A Production API Key is required to enable a mobile app to submit service requests into the City's Open311 Production or Live environment.

Note: Before your API Production Key can be activated, predefined quality assurance testing will need to be completed and submitted to Austin 3-1-1. Below describes these required steps.

  1. Visit to request a Production API Key.
  2. Your inactive Production API Key will be automatically granted.
  3. Austin 3-1-1 will contact you with further information once you have submitted a Production  API Key request.
  4. Supply Austin 3-1-1 with a completed API DevForm and any additional requested information.
  5. The API DevForm that you submit will need to be reviewed by Austin 3-1-1 to ensure compliance with the Technical, Operational and Terms of Service requirements.
  6. Austin 3-1-1 approves application with passing results and activates the developer’s Production API Key. Please allow 10 business days for processing.

See the Developer FAQ, Developer Tools, API DevForm Instructions, and the Open 311 API Terms of Service.

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