Why I Love Where I Live

May 28, 2015 - 12:36 pm

Two Austin residents, both from the Dove Springs neighborhood, provide their insights of what makes their neighborhoods great and  "Why I Love Where I Live". If you'd like to submit a write up about why you love where you live, please email Jennifer.

“There are many things I love about Beaconridge West.  I love its proximity to both the City and to nature, as South Boggy Creek and Greenbelt borders our neighborhood. I love that it is a small, peaceful neighborhood, with good neighbors who watch out for each other.  I love the growing sense of community, as we start to undertake projects as a neighborhood, like participating in the Adopt-A-Creek program and the Neighborhood Partnering Program to improve our signage. I love that the Dittmar Recreation Center and Williams Elementary School are both within walking distance and that I can walk to buy fresh meat and produce at La Familia Market. While I love my neighborhood, we do have our challenges. Due to the increasing levels of traffic on South First, our pedestrian crossing is perilous at best and downright dangerous at worst. This is the crossing our children have to use if they want to walk to school or to the park. We are working with the City and are on the list for a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon, but there is little hope for funding any time soon. Overall it is a fantastic, family-friendly neighborhood, and I love living where I live."  - Sara Torres

"In 1990 I moved to Dove Springs, and I love the sense of community. I have approached many residents about the great things going on in our neighborhood and people take time to listen and are thankful for the information. There are also those who ask, what can I do to get involved?  This is what excites me to no end. In addition, one of my favorite things is having the Dove Springs Recreation Center in my back yard.  The park, recreation center, and library are just a hop and a skip from each other or me to access with my grandchildren. This is why I got so excited about adopting the Dove Springs District Park project with the Austin Parks Foundation. This is where the "Heart" of Dove Springs is.

There are also several challenges that we continue to face as a neighborhood, including encouraging residents to step up to the plate and get involved, changing the culture of residents to see themselves as agents of change, and being open minded to teaching many residents to be leaders. This is a particular challenge because a there are some neighborhood groups that want to be the leaders for the whole community and that is not always what all residents want, so it can become divisive. 

I want to build a Dove Springs that provides a high quality of life for all families." - Ophelia Zapata