Realistic Imagination - South Shore Central and the Analytic Tool

May 16, 2013 - 1:51 pm

The 80+ acres of the South Shore Central Waterfront subdistrict has great opportunity to implement the community’s goals written in Imagine Austin—creating a lively, walkable place for all, increasing access to housing and jobs, and protecting our water resources and open space.

On May 13, 2013, the Waterfront Planning Advisory Board received a presentation on an influential analytic tool that can model and test opportunities for redevelopment. Nationally recognized Planner John Fregonese explains how the tool inputs zoning conditions (such as height, setbacks, landscaping and parking requirements, etc.) and assesses community desires (trail and street connections, housing, innovative stormwater management, etc.) to evaluate how the district may redevelop and what economic pro forma criteria are necessary.

The community sets many goals with the Town Lake Corridor Study, Waterfront Overlay District and Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan. Watch and learn more about how a tool that economically calibrates actual costs of business can ensure a return on investment based on different scenarios.

Comparative analyses are made between:





The tool identifies opportunities for feasibility, and recognizes that opportunities to implement a vision may not happen only through code, but, coupled with opportunities such as small area planning and a fund to acquire key parcels.

We look forward to the analytic tool becoming available to the public in the upcoming months, and extend appreciation to the Sustainable Places Project which expanded the indicators is implementing the tool regionally.