Quick Primer on Development Related Information

Mar 27, 2015 - 12:38 pm

Here is a quick primer on the various ways you can access information about development in Austin , which tools you would like to use really depends on what you want to know and how much detail you would like to have –

1.City of Austin’s Open Data Portal : Download permit information in ‘.csv’ or spreadsheet format or simply explore data in this portal. Issued Construction Permits is the primary permit dataset and includes building, driveway and sidewalk, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits. Use the Filter button on the right top corner of the window to narrow your results, and use the Export button if you want to download it.

2. Data Visualizations : Data visualizations for new residential,  non-residential development and demolitions in Austin, categorized by calendar year, council district and zip code, along with web maps can be found at 

  1. New Non Residential Development in Austin
  2. New Residential Development in Austin 
  3. Demolitions in Austin.

3. Emerging Projects : Large development projects, updated each quarter.  Includes projects over 20 dwelling units or more than 10 acres.

4. Datasets for ArcGIS/ArcMap Geographical Information Systems (GIS) users:

  1. Emerging Projects Austin 
  2. Issued Building Permits
  3. Issued Driveway and Sidewalk Permits
  4. Issued Electrical Permits
  5. Issued Mechanical Permits
  6. Issued Plumbing Permits
  7. Site Plan Review Cases
  8. Subdivision Review Cases
  9. Zoning Review Cases

5. Multifamily Report: Quarterly snapshot of Austin's apartment and condominium market.  

5. Property Profile : Provides a variety of GIS data as well as property and development related information.  Click on the link to the ‘Help Document’ on the toolbar above the map to learn more about how to use this resource. 

6. Ausitn Build and Connect Portal : Live database portal showing detailed information about current development cases filed with the City.