Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams; What's It All About?

May 16, 2014 - 11:39 am

The Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams (NPCT) are groups of individuals who are the stewards and advocates of their adopted neighborhood plan. They work with city staff towards the implementation of their neighborhood plan recommendations, review and initiate plan amendments, serve as community points of contact, and work on behalf of all neighborhood stakeholders.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Neighborhood Plan Contact Team:

  1. Review and respond to plan amendment applications to your adopted neighborhood plan.
  2. Work with City staff, amongst yourselves and with the community at large to implement your adopted neighborhood plan.

  3. Work on behalf of all planning area stakeholders—even those who do not attend meetings.

  4. Serve as Community Points of Contact on any city-initiated programs or policy changes.

  5. Initiate plan amendments when appropriate.

  6. On an annual basis submit a list of contact team officers and members, including individual contact information and applicable membership category; i.e property owner; renter; business owners; or neighborhood organization members owning or renting property within the neighborhood plan area.

  7. On an annual basis submit bylaws or changes in existing bylaws that address: roles and responsibilities, boundaries, membership, decision making, meetings and meeting notification, officers and duties, amendments to the bylaws, finances, and conflicts of interest.

  8. Register your Contact Team and update as necessary with the City of Austin Community Registry:

  9. On an as-requested basis (generally every three years) conduct a participatory process and submit a list of high priority recommendations from the adopted plan.

City staff, Planning Commission and Council expect contact team members to not only meet these requirements but to meet the requirements set forth in your bylaws. Contact teams are the eyes and ears of the community and we look to contact teams to be as transparent and accountable to their responsibilities in the same way that the public expects City staff, planning commissioners and city council to be accountable and transparent.

City staff (Margaret Valenti) will work with all teams to successfully meet these roles & responsibilities. For more information contact Margaret Valenti at (512) 974-2648.

View Contact Team resources or a copy of the Land Development Code Article 16.