Level 3 of Blue Garage, James Avery, Hat Creek Burger Company, and Amy’s Ice Creams Open

Apr 22, 2019 - 8:13 am

New blue garage
Level 3 of the Blue garage is now open. Construction of the walkway pedestrian bridges that will connect the Blue Garage to the existing close-in garage is underway.

With Level 3 of the new Blue Garage now open, the structure now adds a total of 3,000-covered parking spaces at the Austin airport. Economy parking lot lighting updates and resurfacing continues and jewelry artisan James Avery opens its first airport location. Hat Creek Burger Company and Amy’s Ice Creams openings complete the renovations of the West Food Court. 

Blue Garage Level 3 Now Open, Lot G Reopens After Resurfacing, Restriping blue garage levels 1-3 open

The six-story Blue Garage, the state of the art parking garage located in walking distance to the Barbara Jordan Terminal now has three levels open. With Levels 1-3 open, the structure now has 3,000 parking spaces available. Upon completion, the Blue Garage will eventually add 6,000 total new covered parking spaces to the airport.

Construction of the walkway pedestrian bridges that will connect the Blue Garage to the existing close-in garage with valet service is underway.

The Park Assist parking guidance system, that utilizes smart-sensor technology and cameras to generate information for passengers about the number of available spaces on each level and identifies open parking spaces to customers, is currently in the testing phase for certification. The system will include pathway signage and an app that shows customers the number of spots available in the Blue Garage.

Installation of the new entry and exit control equipment and LED variable message signs along Presidential Blvd. is taking place and Levels 1–3 are now available in the new Blue Garage at $10 per day, during the lots resurfacing. Customers may follow the signs on Presidential Blvd. for garage parking to reach the Blue Garage or the close-in parking garage with valet service.

The Blue Garage is nearing the 95-percent completion mark. Along with updating the entry and exit plazas to the lots, and signage along Presidential Blvd., the garage is part of a $250 million dollar improvement project that includes the construction of a five-story adjacent Administrative building.admin building

The Administrative building has reached the 25-percent completion stage. The building will allow Aviation Department staff to move out of the Barbara Jordan Terminal to make space available for possible retail, common use lounge services, and concessions in the passenger terminal.

Parking lot construction work to resurface, restripe, modernize with LED lighting and new entry and exit control systems are on-going with the reopening of Lot G. Lot G has 1,422 parking spots for economy parking. Lot E is closed, but the 533 parking lot is estimated to be complete before the end of April.

Lot C is temporarily closed and has reached the 45-percent completion mark. Lot F is now temporarily closed and once all parking customers have exited, resurfacing and lighting updates will begin on the 1,116-space economy lot. 

Economy Lots B, D and G are open during the resurfacing along with the close-in garage. For real-time parking updates go to www.abiaparking.com or call (512) 530-3300.

James Avery Opens First Airport Location, Hat Creek Burger Co. and Amy’s Ice Creams Open in West Food Courtjames avery opens

Located just beyond Checkpoint 1, passengers will see the new James Avery artisan jewelry venue at the Austin airport. It opened on April 17 and is the first airport store location for the company with the 450 square foot space in the Barbara Jordan Terminal.

James Avery offers crafted jewelry designs for men and women in sterling silver, gold, gemstones as well as leather wallets, all designed by artisans in Kerrville, Texas. The retailer has 88 stores in five states. They have created ABIA, TSA and air travel themed pieces currently on display at the Austin airport and is open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Located across from Gate 21, a giant paper airplane design soaring 25 feet over the new Amy’s Ice Creams location at the Austin airport marks the return of a customer favorite in the West Food Court. After renovations, the Austin based ice cream company has reopened its airport location and joins Hat Creek Burger Company, Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches, and East Side Pies in the West Food Court.amys ice cream

With the 30 foot long and 14.5 foot wide suspended plane serving as the venue’s canopy, Amy’s Ice Creams is open Sunday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 pm. and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays. 

Hat Creek Burger Company started small as an Austin food truck and now has opened over nine locations in the Austin area including the Austin airport. Hat Creek Burger Company serves fresh never frozen beef and homemade sauces from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

Million Air FBO Construction Reaches 50-percent Completion Mark

The construction of Million Air, the new general aviation fixed-base (FBO) and private jet hangar operator has reached the 50-percent completion mark on the build of the 20-acre project. The new development consists of seven private hangars and will provide fueling, tie-down, aircraft parking, rental, maintenance and flight instruction at 4801 Emma Browning Ave., on the south part of the Austin airport.

Estimated to be completed this fall, Million Air will offer seven acres of ramp space, a private club, lounge, and retail space and a large canopy for shaded aircraft parking.  Million Air will join the two current FBO operators, Atlantic Aviation and Signature Flight Support, at the Austin airport.

Christina Mendoza contributed to the James Avery, Hat Creek Burger Company and Amy’s Ice Cream article.