Gate renumbering begins, Million Air FBO construction starts

Aug 6, 2018 - 1:05 pm

Gate 25 sign change to 34

The Austin airport is changing its numbers; Gate 25 is now the new Gate 34. To see the arrival of Gate 34 click here. The gate renumbering is a result of adding nine new gates as part of the terminal expansion currently underway. The nine-gate expansion reaches 75 percent construction mark. Million Air Austin, a new general aviation facility and private hangar operator has started construction on the south side of the airport.

Phase 1: Gate 25 is the new 34

Gate number changes at the Austin airport shows the advancement of the 9-gate expansion project, as new gate numbers are starting to appear in the Barbara Jordan Terminal. This is Phase I of the gates renumbering to accommodate the addition of the 9-gate terminal expansion, increasing the number of gates from 25 to 34.

Implementation of gate renumbering started on Aug. 1, 2018, at five gates per phase. The gates are scheduled to numerically change every two weeks until October.

The estimated gate renumbering schedule is below:

  • Aug. 1 – Gates 21-25 changed to Gates 30-34
  • Mid-August – Gates 16-20 changes Gates 25-29
  • Mid-September – Gates 10-15 change to Gates 19-24
  • Early October – Gates 1, 5-9 changes to Gates 13, 14-18

Renumbering is scheduled in phases so that airport and airline operators can ensure that terminal numbers, airport monitors, airline gate assignments and boarding passes show the new gate numbers. This will change all the numbers at the gates, on the concourse, jet bridges, jet parking and on the directional/wayfinding signs in the airport.

To watch the arrival and installation of new number 34, click here.9 gate expansion construction

Terminal expansion reaches 75-percent completion mark, AC/HVAC turned on

Construction on the 9-gate expansion of the Austin airport has reached the 75-percent completion mark with major work focusing on framing, finishing, flooring, bathrooms, holdrooms and the other major operational spaces. Installation of pavers and fencing will start in the upcoming weeks to the patio that will provide a view of the east runway, 1,410 feet away.

A major construction milestone was reached, on July 10 with the air conditioning / HVAC systems working on the concourse level. Along with making a more coMillion Air FBO front elevationmfortable construction environment for workers, this also helps with moister control and to establish the buildings ambient temperature.

Lead contractor Hensel Phelps said that 250 construction workers are at work on the expansion project and are working at night in the existing terminal.

Million Air Austin FBO construction begins

Construction has started on Million Air Austin, a new, general aviation fixed-based (FBO) and private hangar operator at the Austin airport. The 20-acre development that will include seven private hangars and an 11,926 square foot FBO located at 4801 Emma Browning Ave.Million Air FBO aerial view

Million Air will offer over 100,000 square feet of customizable hangar space. Construction includes seven acres of ramp space, a private club, retail space, a lounge area and a large canopy for shaded aircraft parking.

FBO’s at airports provide private, business and chartered aviation services such as fueling, hangar, tie-down, aircraft parking and rental, maintenance and flight instruction. Million Air will join the two FBO operators currently at the Austin airport in Atlantic Aviation and Signature Flight Support.vestibule construction carousel 1 photo

Replacement of terminal vestibules continue near Carousel 1 and ticketing

Replacement of the automatic sliding-glass entrances and exits to the Barbara Jordan Terminal is underway. Three of the 13 vestibules in the airport are currently closed for construction.

The vestibule in bag claim, nearest to Carousel 1 is currently closed, as well as the upper-level vestibules in ticketing near the Delta and United counters on the concourse level.  Paving and roofing in the vestibule near Delta are ongoing, while waterproofing and roofing are in process at the vestibule near the United ticket counter.

The vestibules act as airlocks between the outside and inside environments, reducing drafts and energy cost. The new vestibules are 10 feet larger than the original and allow for more room for luggage and people movement.