Frit glass panels added to Customs corridor in 9-gate expansion, steel stairway to patio and jet bridges set to return

Jun 25, 2018 - 9:57 am
photo of seven glass panels

The contractor is installing seven glass panels per day during construction. Each glass wall panel weights 600 lbs.

photo of glass panelsThe installation of 185 glass wall and roof panels has started in the new Customs corridor of the 9-gate terminal expansion at the Austin airport. Fitted is one of two 14-ton stairs to connect the new concourse to the new patio. Refabricated jet bridges to return as part of the new terminal and ABIA Master Plan seeks public comment as the deadline approaches for the survey.

Frit patterned glass installation begins for Customs corridor in 9-gate expansion

Contractors have started the installation of 185 frosted treated wall and roof glass panels, weighing 600 to 700 lbs. each. The glass wall panels are each 11.5 feet tall, 6 feet wide and 4 inches thick, and will enclose the international arrival passageway in the 9-gate expansion of the Barbara Jordan Terminal.

The structurally enclosed and soundproof corridor includes glass roof panels that are nearly 12.5 feet tall, 5 feet wide and 4 inches thick, weighing 700 lbs each. 

photo of glass panels in new customs corridorThe 90 fins that support the glass, line the nearly 600 foot long upper-level sterile corridor, will lead international arriving passengers to the U.S. Customs facility at the Austin airport.

The fully tempered heat soaked low iron glass panels have an interlayered frit patterned for graduated privacy at the bottom,  transitions from 70 percent translucent white to a clear opacity at the top. The frit pattern is composed of tiny dots to create an opaque coating. The coating also reduces glare, cut cooling cost and provides a distinctive look. This allows privacy from onlookers looking up from the below concourse but allows an upper-level unobstructed view of the below concourse.

Contractor Haley-Greer of Dallas is installing seven glass panels per day. View the most updated terminal expansion video on the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport’s YouTube page at

photo of 14 ton stairway connecting the concourse level of 9 gate expansion to the mezzanine level and outdoor patioSteel stairway to new airport patio installed

One of the two steel staircases that connect passengers from the concourse level of the 9-gate expansion to the mezzanine level and outdoor patio entrance, has been fitted in the expansion. The helically oriented design stairways, each will use 14 tons of steel and was fabricated by Patriot Erectors of Dripping Springs, Texas.  From the patio level, the stairways are located to the left and right of the center tower and lead back down to the concourse level along with an elevator.   

Three jet bridges set to make reappearance after makeover

The jet bridges that were removed from the original Gates 2-4 will be refurbished onsite at the airport by ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems based in Fort Worth, Texas and fitted the 9-gate expansion building. The jet bridges will receive updated systems and replacement parts along with other cosmetic upgrades such as new wall panels, paint, and new carpeting.

Former Gate 2 bridge will be the new Gate 11 bridge, Gate 3 bridge will be the new Gate 9 and the former Gate 4 bridge will be the new Gate 10 bridge.

The bridges were dismantled and stored onsite at the airport from their original gate location to make way for the longer temporary jet bridges to extend beyond the construction work.

photo of Berry austin and Departure Lounge2040 Master Plan survey seeks public feedback on airport alternatives

Being prepared is a new 2040 Master Plan for the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The airport is asking for public opinions about the alternative plans for runways, roadways and terminal facilities. Please complete the survey before June 30, 2018. Everyone’s insights are important to create and better serve Central Texas passengers, residents and businesses. Plans and survey at .

More ABIA Master Plan information can be found at Please email or call (512) 672-8721 any questions you may have.

Departure Lounge, Berry Austin opens across from Gate 8

Now open near Gate 8 is the new Departure Lounge and Berry Austin frozen yogurt at the Austin airport.

An upscale interactive travel discovery location, the 1,230 square foot Departure Lounge will highlight future travel vacations and getaways. The lounge will serve organic coffees, small- batch boutique wines, artisan chocolates, and cheeses.

The new 300 square foot Berry Austin airport location offers uniquely flavored yogurt recipes from founder Kathy Steele, who opened her flagship location in central Austin in 2009. With 10 flavors of frozen yogurt and 50 available toppings, Berry Austin will also offer smoothies, parfaits, floats and other treats.

Concessionaire Paradies Lagardere will operate Departure Lounge and Berry Austin.