Do you have what it takes to compete in the [RE]verse Pitch Opening Pitch Event?

Jan 6, 2021 - 5:20 pm

By: Bailey Grimmett

The [Re]Verse Pitch Competition is an annual, social innovation program for local entrepreneurs and innovators to help reduce waste in Austin. Local businesses and organizations throw away thousands of pounds of surplus materials each year, but with the [Re]Verse Pitch Competition, local entrepreneurs, business owners and others interested in sustainability can make a difference by creating a new product or business venture out of unused materials. Do you have what it takes to compete? Take a look at winning ideas from previous years and this story about how [RE]verse Pitch winners create furniture from recycled materials, to benefit affordable housing in Austin.  

Throughout the competition, participants will have the chance to network with other competitors and business owners, attend workshops, receive guidance from mentors, and create a business idea or product based on the chosen byproduct material. Up to four contestants (or teams) will win the competition. These winners will get the chance to participate in a four-month accelerator program, pitch their idea in front of potential investors at the inaugural Circular Austin Showcase in July 2021, and receive a cash prize.  

Meet the 2021 material suppliers

There are five material suppliers providing seven materials. This year, contestants have the option to select a material pitched by local businesses or source their own byproduct material.  

Austin Creative Reuse

Austin Creative Reuse, a local non-profit with reuse arts and crafts, will provide:

   decorator fabric samples
   architectural samples
Fierce Whiskers Distillery

Fierce Whiskers Distillery, a local whiskey distillery, will provide:

spent distillers grain slurry (i.e. water + grain)
a flammable substance/byproduct from the distillation process.
Austin Community College

Austin Community College will provide used markers, pens and pencils.


Smartish, an Austin-based phone case manufacturer, will provide phone cases.

R2 Corporation

R2 Corporation, a local electronics recycler, will provide plastic bins/cases.


Join in on the competition

Interested in participating in [Re]Verse Pitch? Register for the opening pitch event taking place on Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 6–7:30 p.m. 

[Re]Verse Pitch is a collaboration between the City of Austin, the Austin Young Chamber of Commerce, and the US Business Council for Sustainable Development with additional support from community partners.