Consultant Spotlight: Asakura Robinson

Aug 16, 2016 - 9:02 am

Joining our team to lead the planning and visioning efforts for Soul-y Austin’s second round of districts is Asakura Robinson! Asakura Robinson is a planning, urban design, and landscape architecture firm that focuses on strengthening environments and positively impacting communities through innovation, engagement, and an integrated planning and design process. Since its founding in 2004, the firm has built a solid reputation for sustainable design solutions and design excellence around the United States and around the world. Asakura Robinson has offices in Houston, Austin, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, Japan.

Photo courtesy of: Asakura Robinson

Asakura Robinson’s expertise in planning, urban design, and landscape architecture has allowed them to develop a respectable portfolio of projects which includes: Austin’s South Central Waterfront Small Area Plan, creating the master plan and planting plan for Houston’s MD Anderson Park, conducting a series of Healthy Community Design workshops in five different Houston communities, and developing the New Orleans Blight Organizing Toolkit.

Asakura Robinson has an extensive portfolio, including projects within business districts around the country. They have led projects that focus on community development, public engagement, economic development,   streetscape design, and residential and commercial development projects. Here are some notable projects:


  • The Washington Avenue Livable Center’s Study is a collaboration between the Houston-Galveston Area Council, Better Houston, the City of Houston, and Asakura Robinson. Washington Avenue corridor is one of Houston’s most unique places, attracting new businesses, restaurants and bars, artists, and residents. Asakura Robinson is leading the public engagement efforts and creating a report with recommendations relating to circulation and connectivity, public art, branding, district management parks and open space, bicycle and pedestrian amenities, affordable housing, and economic development. For more information on this project visit:
  • In 2011, Asakura Robinson led the North Main Street Rebirth project that was developed out of a series of community visioning projects funded by the Houston-Galveston Area Council in 2011. Asakura Robinson worked with local stakeholders in the historic, commercial corridor along North Main Street to develop and implement a long term strategic plan that focused on the use of cultural capital and vision of community institutions to guide and encourage economic development. For more information on this project visit:


The City of Austin is excited to welcome Asakura Robinson to the Soul-y Austin team! For more information on the firm, their team, and their projects, visit