The design of the Seaholm Substation Art Wall is a critical part of the overall Seaholm District Master Plan as an artistic approach to downtown infrastructure.

The project is significant to the perception of arts and culture within the district. The screen wall is an essential part of the overall district’s emphasis on public art, which - given the innovative approach and scope of this project - will set a precedent in public art on a national level, as well as serve as a model for downtown redevelopment.

The artist Nader Tehrani, and his design team, have been charged with creating a screen wall which will keep the public safe, keep the substation secure, and be a sculptural response to the practical need for a wall. The design has three big ideas:

  • It strives to respond innovatively to program, site, and cost constraints, in addition to the scale of the project, in order to create a lively civic experience.
  • It strives to walk the fine line between art and architecture, balancing practical concerns with the sculptural.
  • It works with the unique surroundings on each side of the wall in an appropriate way to create engaging public spaces. The artist has worked to make spaces which enliven and enrich the area. Overall, the artists are creating a wall with vitality and animation. The wall should be engaging at different scales and speeds, whether it is seen by a pedestrian, a cyclist, a driver, or a person looking from a window.

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