The Austin Code Department is looking forward to partnering again with the local community to create safe walks to school for students around Austin. Austin Code has partnered with school administrators to map out safe routes for students to use as they walk to school.  Austin Code also plays a significant role in promoting the safety of these routes to local schools by identifying high risk areas that affect or impact pedestrian traffic along the Right-of-Way as well as assist in making sure these routes are maintained.

To promote pedestrian safety, Code Officers have worked to ensure these routes are free from trash and debris, tall weeds and grass, and blocked sidewalks. Code Officers will go out to the safe routes in their districts on the morning of August 22 and hand out safety materials as the kids walk to school. 

Safe Routes


  • Montopolis community (Allison Elementary)
  • East Town Lake community (Metz Elementary)


  • Dove Springs area (Rodriguez Elementary)
  • Onion Creek area (Perez Elementary)