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Frequently Asked Questions

When do the proposed code and process changes take effect?
The proposed ordinance, rules, and process changes will be effective for all subdivision applications submitted for review after September 1, 2019.

My application has already been filed for completeness check, will the formal submittal be under the new requirements?
No, under the final version of HB 3167 the new legislation is only applicable to projects submitted after September 1, 2019.

Are the new requirements applicable to site plans?
No, the proposed changes only apply to subdivision applications reviewed and approved under Sections 212 and 232 of the Local Government Code.

Staff review of the application will not be complete until the 28th calendar day, yet the application will be posted for the commission agenda for consideration on the 30th calendar day after submittal. How will the owner, applicant, and the citizens be notified of staff’s recommendation?
In order to meet the 30 calendar day deadline for action while maintaining a minimum acceptable review period for staff, staff’s recommendation will be provided at the Land Use Commission meeting and will not be available prior to the meeting.

We are submitting a Site Plan that will require rezoning and platting. We will subdivide two tracts into one with no new streets being dedicated. Both tracts currently have frontage to a ROW. A Service Extension Request for approximately 300LF of off-site wastewater will be required. Since a wastewater extension is required, this project does not qualify for an administratively approved Minor Plat under the new rules, and a Subdivision Final Plat Application will be required for the plat.

Does this then mean, since we are submitting a Subdivision Final Plat Application for the plat, Zoning must be approved before the Final Plat application, and a Project Assessment must be submitted for the Final Plat application?
Yes, zoning will need to be approved first. Whether or not a Project Assessment will be required depends on if there are variances, waivers, or discretionary approvals. If a Service Extension Request is required for the plat, and, there are no variances, then the plat will be administrative. If the plat requires a Service Extension Request or variance, then it will need to be approved by the Commission.

I am curious to find out how Fiscal will work under the new HB 3167 and ultimately Title 30. Will ALT Fiscal still exist? After plat approval at Commission, when and what fiscal will need to be posted?

Plat is reviewed and approved. The fiscal amount can be determined from a detailed fiscal estimate signed and sealed by the applicant’s engineer. The applicant posts fiscal within 120 days of approval and plat is recorded. If fiscal is not posted within 120 days, the plat will go back to the Commissions for disapproval. When the applicant submits their Subdivision Construction Plans, they might be required to post additional fiscal.

Plat is reviewed and approved. Subdivision Construction Plans are submitted and are ready to approve within 120 days. Applicant posts the correct amount for alternative fiscal and provides alternative fiscal agreement with is taken to Commissioners Court for approval. Plat is held in abeyance and not recorded until the amount of fiscal posted matches 10% for the constructed improvements plus 100% for unconstructed portions of the construction plans.

Under the new regulations for Travis County HB 3167, do I need to make an appointment for a Completeness Check?
Applications for Completeness Check are accepted Mon – Fri from 8 am to 11 am. When your Completeness Check is done, an appointment is required for the formal submittal based on Subdivision Application Acceptance Dates calendar.

Is there a fee associated with the Project Assessment?
With the passage of the City's 2020 budget the City Council adopted the proposed 2020 fee schedule that includes a fee for a Subdivision Project Assessment effective on October 1, 2019.

Subdivision Project Assessment Fee is as follows:
Only acreage fee can be credited toward any land development application if submitted on the subject tract within 1 year
less than 2 acres – $8,811
less than 5 acres – $9,714
less than or equal to 10 acres – $10,617
greater than 10 acres – $10,617 plus $64 per every acre over 10 acres

If I have a pending zoning case in process can I submit my Project Assessment and go through that review or do I need to wait for the zoning to be completed to submit the Project Assessment?
Is there an application/checklist for the Project Assessment?

Yes, you can submit a Project Assessment and go through the review while the zoning is completed.
The information needed for submittal is within the Project Assessment application itself.