The Exposition Blvd Water Project is part of the Renewing Austin Program, an ongoing program to replace and upgrade aging infrastructure. Water line breaks are well documented in the Exposition area. The project is necessary to increase reliability of service and avoid further expenditures to maintain water lines that have broken frequently. A portion of a wastewater line will also be improved in the area. Work will take place along Exposition Boulevard between Enfield Rd. and West 35th Street.

The project will replace approximately 900 linear feet of existing wastewater line and approximately 8,000 linear feet of existing water line, including making service connections and replacing old fire hydrants.


Construction started in early June 2019 and is expected to take about one year to complete. The project will be completed in phases to minimize impact to nearby residents and businesses.

Project Phasing*

  • Phase 1: Water main construction from Westover Rd. to West 35th Street
  • Phase 2: Water Main construction from Enfield Road to Bridle Path and wastewater line construction from Carlton Rd. to West 35th Street
  • Phase 3: Water Main construction from Bridle Path to Gilbert Street
  • Phase 4: Water Main construction from Gilbert Street to Greenlee
  • Phase 5: Street re-pavement

*Note: Project phasing has been revised so that much of the work in front of Casis Elementary can be done in the summer months. The water main between Westover and Greenlee does not need to be replaced. Construction is not planned in this area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you be closing streets?

A: We will be closing lanes of traffic, but not entire streets.  You will always have access to your home. For brief periods, driveway access may be limited.


Q: What are the working hours? Which days?

A: The work days are generally Monday through Saturday, though some Sundays may be required. The work hours are generally 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the City’s right of way.


Q: How loud will it be?

A: You will hear heavy equipment during work hours.  The City’s noise ordinance applies after 10 p.m. 


Q: Will my water be turned off?

A: Yes, at some point your water will be turned off, but most likely just for a few hours on a single day.  We will notify you via flyers posted on the door, prior to turning off the water. In rare cases, an emergency may cause water to be turned off without notice.


Q: Will you dig up my lawn?

A: Most work will be limited to the right of way. In many cases, the right of way is located behind the sidewalk, in an area that you may consider to be part of your lawn.  We will notify you as we start work on your street so that you may remove plants or personal items. If you have irrigation system pipes, landscape features or retaining walls in the City of Austin right-of-way, they may need to be moved in advance of the construction. If the contractor damages any of the features in the right-of-way, repair and costs to repair these features are the responsibility of the homeowner.


Q: What are your plans for repaving the streets?

A: We will repair trenches during construction of the utility lines.  Following completion of all work on all streets, pavement will be restored.  All streets will be milled/overlaid with a new asphalt surface.


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Project Documents

Project Fact Sheet

Customer Letter Oct. 2018 

Project Map

Project Contacts

Larry Mendez, Project Manager
(512) 974-7214

Tony Lopez, Project Inspector
(512) 247-8741

Emlea Chanslor, Public Information
(512) 972-0145