The Economic Development Department was the lead agency of the City of Austin for the Sustainable Places Project, which collaborated to develop Envision Tomorrow Plus, a major upgrade of the scenario planning software created by Fregonese Associates.

Envision Tomorrow is a set of urban and regional planning tools that can be used to model development feasibility on a site-by-site basis as well as create and evaluate multiple land use scenarios, test and refine transportation plans, produce small-area concept plans, and model complex regional issues.

Planning for the future of our cities and regions has become increasingly challenging. Responding to these challenges often requires anticipating future social, economic, physical, and environmental conditions and making decisions about a community's policy options, community services and other infrastructure investments.

As Austin continues to grow in size and population, the City of Austin Economic Development Department is employing the Envision Tomorrow Tool to examine economic growth scenarios for the City moving forward.

Envision Tomorrow Introductory Video

Click below to view an introductory video of what the Envision Tomorrow is, how it functions, and it's capabilities.



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