Mild year-round temperatures and backyard gatherings on outdoor decks are common throughout Austin. However, many decks need repairs and might not be safe for routine use. The average life expectancy of a wooden deck is 10-15 years.

Poor construction and neglected maintenance can lead to deck collapses, which can cause serious injuries. To prevent these risks, you should check your deck to ensure it's structurally safe and sound.   

How to check your deck:

  • Look for loose connections or cracks in the wood.
  • Ensure your deck can carry the weight of objects and people, including the force of nature.
  • Create a "continuous load path" of reinforcements that support the deck through its frame to the ground and sturdy structures, such as your home. 
  • Check metal connectors, screws and nails for corrosion. 
  • Inspect regularly for loose nails and boards.
  • Make sure surface areas are protected from debris, water, and sun damage.

The City of Austin only inspects decks with active permits. If you suspect your previously permitted deck needs an inspection, check with a third-party inspector.  

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