The ATX+PAK Entrepreneurship Program is a U.S. Department of State funded initiative which connects entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, and educators in Austin’s thriving startup community to their counterparts in Pakistan’s emerging innovation ecosystem centered in Lahore to facilitate sustainable economic growth.

ATX+PAK is part of the diverse portfolio of initiatives coordinated by the City of Austin Economic Development Department International Program.

The International Program is dedicated to scaling Austin’s position in the global marketplace through opportunities in emerging, established, and industry-specific markets to create a sustainable, vibrant economy that protects and enhances the environment, culture, and livability of the Austin area.  To learn more about International Program news and initiatives Click here or visit: 









ATX+PAK Advance is Phase II of the ATX+PAK Entrepreneurship program.  Advance will build on the ATX+PAK Launch foundation of success with two (2) programming tracks which will run concurrently.

Global Market Access Program (GMAP)


An advanced business development program designed to identify ten (10) high performing Pakistani companies ready to scale up their business at home while expanding their operations internationally, with a particular focus on U.S. markets as part of a strategy to achieve long-term economic sustainability.

This is an advanced program for growth-stage start-ups only. Startups selected as finalists will have strong financials, a cohesive leadership team, have experience working with investors, outlined realistic growth/expansion plans.

Ten GMAP finalists were selected in May following  a nationwide recruitment effort and three-day business expansion bootcamp conducted by Capital Factory and Innovation District 92. Read more about the finalists and their selection journey here.

Fashion Forward Initiative

Designed to facilitate new commercial opportunities and creative partnerships for textile manufacturers, fashion designers and fashion related startups in the U.S. and Pakistan to drive an increase in import/export activity.

  • Establish at least two (2) direct to Austin textile import partnerships with Pakistan based textile companies.
  • At least two (2) Pakistan based textile companies become the establishing companies for an Austin based international textile & design center to support the region’s growing fashion industry.
  • At least one (1) major Pakistan based fashion brand or retailers establish a physical retail outlets in the US beginning in Austin metro area.

Creative Import-Export Opportunity Tours:

Two delegations of creative industry and business leaders from Austin will travel to Pakistan to explore collaboration, product sourcing, production, and export opportunities. Each delegation will include up to seven people, with each trip lasting a maximum of 14 days. The City will work with its programming partners in Pakistan to coordinate tours of Pakistan’s textile production and import/export hubs. ATX+PAK program partners would work to schedule the first tour in connection with the ID92 innovation conference which would include delegate participation before key meetings and site visits at locations in Sialkot and Faisalabad. The second tour will be timed in connection with the creative design conference and will include visits to major industry facilities in Multan as well as artisan collectives in the Southern Punjab region such as Bahawalpur. Two delegations of up to seven textile & fashion industry business leaders will alternatively travel to the U.S. for up to 14 days to explore business expansion and partnership opportunities.

The first Fashion Forward Initiative Delegation to Austin is scheduled for  July 10 to July 20, 2019.  You can find information about the participating brands and their activities in Austin here

The Fashion Forward Delegation to Pakistan is scheduled for November 2019.

ATX+PAK Shop South Asia:

The City and Fashion X will work with local commercial partners in Austin to create a unique retail experience that, for the first time, will showcase fashion brands, textiles, artisan accessories and craft goods from Pakistan in Pop-Up concept stores located in Prime, high-traffic retail locations in downtown and/or central Austin. Each shop will be open for three weeks and operated with local support staff from the Austin area. 

Shop South Asia 2019 pop-up will take place July 13 to August 1 at  Lure by Y&F, 3800 North Lamar Blvd # 105, Austin.    









ATX+PAK Launch Overview

Profile Video: An inside look at what the program is all about

ATX+PAK programming and activities reached more than 2,000 innovators in Pakistan and exceeded its benchmark goals with several major achievements including:

Increased Investment

•72% of ATX+PAK Launch participants have raised more than 1.3 million dollars infunding.

•Announcement of a $20 million Austin based venture fund dedicated to investing inPakistani startups.

•$3 million commitment to the Pakistan venture fund by the Punjab InformationTechnology Board, facilitated by negotiations between the City of Austin, 1839 Ventures,and the Government of Punjab.


Increased Creative & Business Collaboration

•Six companies in Austin and Lahore have entered into commercial partnerships all ofwhich are generating revenue.

•Launch of "The Mix", Pakistan’s first innovation, arts, and culture convergenceconference inspired by Austin’s SXSW conference.

•Three Austin based startup incubators/accelerators established entrepreneurshipeducation partnerships with the Information Technology University’s Plan9 Incubatorand PlanX Accelerator.

•The City of Austin and Punjab Information Technology Board formally entered a ScienceCity partnership to facilitate and promote increased commercial trade and culturalprogramming between Texas and Pakistan.

ATX+PAK Launch Programming


The Austin Experience for Entreprenuers