Technical Assistance, Policies and Forms for ARIES Users

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ARIES Software

What is ARIES? ARIES, the AIDS Regional Information and Evaluation System, was developed by the State of Texas, the County of San Diego, the County of San Bernardino, and the State of California. The goal of ARIES is to enhance services for clients with HIV by helping providers automate, plan, manage, and report on client data. 

     HRAR Software

     Patients and clients accessing Ryan White services have managed in ARIES software since 2006. In late 2021, HRAR will replace ARIES. There is not a release schedule at this time. Any new information on HRAR will be posted here.


USER Accounts

New ARIES accounts

New users must complete security training and complete several forms to request a new ARIES account. Link to instructions 

Annual Renewal EXISTING ARIES Account

for users who have an EXISTING ARIES account need to complete the annual ARIES certificate renewal. Link to instructions

Active ARIES Account 

for changes to Active ARIES Account- for user who need to have their permissions to ARIES modified. Link to instructions

Requesting any ARIES account on a laptop computer requires and additional form to be completed 

***Send all completed forms to the Austin Data Manager


Deactivate a User from ARIES - A user’s supervisor is responsible for notifying the Data Manager at their assigned Administrative Agency anytime an employee ends employment with the agency or changes to a new department or role that will no longer require the individual to access ARIES. Link to instructions


Installing ARIES

Use the instructions matching your operating system. An ARIES login is required as part of the certificate installation. Contact the Data Manager for an ARIES login.

Installation Instructions

For Windows 10 and Edge

For Windows 7 Chrome and IE11


Contract Set-up in ARIES

The contracting process for the HIV Resource Administration Unit(HRAU) is different that other units at Austin Public Health. Each contract is negotiated by the provider and HRAU Grant Coordinator. Once the contract is executed, the provider sends the completed ARIES Contract Set up Form to the Data Manager.

Document   Established Date Last Revised See Related
ARIES Contract Set up Procedure   2006 11/2020  
ARIES Contract Set up Form   2006 3/2017  


Technical Assistance Documentation



Last Revised

See Related

Official ARIES User Manual




ARIES Case Management Intake and Recertification




Entry of ARIES Required Data Elements




ARIES Insurance Primer




Entry of Needs Assessments, Care Plans, & Referrals




Payment Request Utilization Reports




ARIES Required Data Elements




Document Upload Procedures



Document Upload Policy

Case Management Acuity Scale




 Required Data Reports for Ryan White Grants

Report Name

What its for

Due Date

Grants For more information

COVID-19 Data Report (CDR)

collect information on CARES Act funded activities.-aggregate data on the types of services provided and number of people served for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19 among RWHAP-eligible clients.

Monthly on the 15th of each month until 4/15/2021

Ryan White Part A COVID
Ryan White Part C COVID
CDR Report

Ryan White Services Report (RSR)

client-level data reporting system. All (Parts A through F) funded recipients (grantees) and sub-recipients (providers) must submit an RSR data report each year via the online system. Annually- End of March

Ryan White Part A and MAI

Ryan White Part C

RSR Report

EHE Initiative Triannual Report

To support federal requirements to monitor and report on funds distributed through the Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) Initiative. Three times a year TBD EHE Report


Miscellaneous Forms


Established Date

Last Revised

Confidentiality Form





HRSA Data Management Resources

Data TA Provider

Areas of TA

How to Get Help

Electronic Handbooks
HRSA EHB Contact Center

HRSA’s Electronic Handbooks (EHB)

HRSA EHB Contact Center
8am-8pm ET, M-F
Contact the HRSA EHB Center (link is external)

Data Reporting
Ryan White Data Support

RSR, ADR and CDR and EHE: report content and submission

Ryan White Data Support
10am-6:30pm ET, M-F
Email: RW Data Support (link sends e-mail)

Data Infrastructure

Meeting reporting requirements, creating the client level XML file, data quality and eUCI

DART Team (link sends e-mail)

Grants Management
HRSA Project Officers

First point-of-contact for Ryan White grantees in managing Federal funds and accessing training and TA.

HRSA Project Officers