GTOPs Core and Collaborative

GTOPs Core and Collaborative provide matching grant funds to Austin organizations to increase access to technology, provide digital/technology training, and to increase access to the internet; particularly in underserved segments of our community. GTOPs Core offers individual grants of $10,000 to $25,000. Of the $300,000 in funding for GTOPs Core, $50,000 each is reserved for projects focusing on IT Middle-Skill Career Opportunities and Creative Media Training and Development. Of the remaining $200,000, up to $100,000 is reserved for organizations earning less than $1,000,000 a year. GTOPs Collaborative funding provides one $50,000 award to a formalized collaborative effort between two or more organizations.

For both of these opportunities, grant applications are reviewed and assessed by a panel of qualified community representatives appointed by the Community Technology and Telecommunications Commission, which has final approval over recipient selection.  In FY 2019, GTOPs Core grants were awarded to nine organizations.

Organizations interested in applying for GTOPs Core or Collaborative funding should first read the Standard GTOPs Terms and Conditions. All applicants are required to review the GTOPs Orientation document which will guide them through the application process. Any applicant, who has not previously done so, must register as a new City Vendor. Applications should be submitted through PartnerGrants.

Below are several resources for potential GTOPs Core and Collaborative applicants:

GTOPs Capacity

GTOPs Capacity is a mini-grant intended to fund non-profit’s technology infrastructure as well as staff training and development related to digital equity. Because this opportunity is not client serving, normal insurance requirements are waived. GTOPs Capacity will award individual grants twice a year for amounts between $150 and $2,500. Applications will be reviewed for eligibility by City of Austin staff and one to two outside volunteers. Eligible applications will be awarded funding so long as the applicant has not already received Capacity funding in the same fiscal year.

Interested organizations should review the GTOPS Capacity Guide before submitting an application.


GTOPs awards devices based upon available inventory. Most devices are Dell Optiplex desktops (power cable, mouse, keyboard and monitors are not guaranteed but likeley available). Each comes equipped with 4GB of RAM, a minimum of 160GB of hard drive space, and at least an Intel i3 processor. Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Suite can be pre-installed for $6 per license (GTOPs funds cannot be requested to cover the cost of the licenses). Awards will be between 10 and 30 devices per grantee.

The application for devices is separate from other GTOPs forms.

GTOPs Schedule