Zoning Definitions

  1. Zoning - the division of a jurisdiction into zoning districts within which permissible uses are prescribed and restrictions on building height, bulk, layout, parking and other requirements are defined.
  2. Permitted use - a use defined by the Land Development Code, listed as a permitted use in the use regulations for a particular district, and authorized as a matter of right when conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Code.
  3. Conditional use - a use allowed within certain zoning districts under certain conditions. It is listed in the regulations for a particular district as a conditional use within that district, authorized solely on a discretionary and conditional basis by the Planning Commission, or the City Council on appeal.
  4. Legal use - a use that is permitted by the Land Development Code.
  5. Non-conforming use - the use of any land, building, or structure which does not conform with current applicable use regulations, but which complied with use regulations in effect at the time the use was established. However, no use of a building, structure or property which conformed with the zoning regulations in effect on March 1, 1984, is made non-conforming by the passage of Ordinance Number 840301-S
  6. Illegal use - a use that is not permitted by right or as a conditional use by the Land Development Code.
  7. Non-complying - a building, structure or property which does not comply with applicable site development regulations for the zoning district in which it is located, but did comply with applicable regulations at the time of its construction. No building, structure, or property is made non-complying solely as a result of a change in the use, zoning or development of adjacent property. No building or structure which complied with zoning regulations in effect immediately prior to March 1, 1984, shall be deemed to have become or shall become non-complying due to passage of Ordinance No. 840301-S.

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