TARA ensures fair compensation and proper use of public rights-of-way (ROW) by private utilities and monitors compliance of state issued cable and telecommunications franchises. Utilities that occupy City ROW include electricity, natural gas, telecommunications (wired and wireless), cable television, broadband transport, and Internet access facilities.

Wireless Telecommunications (Small Cell) Infrastructure:
Small Cell facilities are low-powered antennae that provide cellular and data coverage to smaller geographic areas, supplementing the larger cellular network to improve service for wireless customers. Small-cell facilities are typically comprised of network nodes, antennae, associated wireless radio equipment, and transport facilities. The City is now accepting applications for small cell facility installations in public ROW.

Interested providers can learn more about the permitting process here.

Claims Payments and Information:
TARA provides collection services for several City departments for money due to the City for damages to property, returned checks, and other delinquent accounts.

Learn about account balance and payoff information.