This project will increase the safety of motorists and first responders during floods at the low water crossing on Old San Antonio Road. It includes installing a cul-de-sac and permanent gates. 

The cul-de-sac will make turning around easier when the road is flooded. The permanent gates will provide a more effective barricade during floods than the current system of using portable barricades. For the time being, the gates will remain open during normal conditions.


This low water crossing is very dangerous when flooded. Up to 16 feet of water could potentially pass over the roadway. We had originally proposed permanently closing the road to vehicular traffic. Based on public feedback, we will keep the road open until further notice.

Once Brezza Lane is completed and connects Old San Antonio Road to the IH-35 service road, we will reconsider the permanent closure of the low water crossing to public traffic. At that time, we will gather input from stakeholders such as the Akins High School community, local residents and businesses, road users, Austin Transportation Department, Austin Fire Department and the Parks and Recreation Department. To date, only a portion of Brezza Lane has been constructed. A second portion of Brezza Lane at Old San Antonio Road will be constructed by a private developer. The remaining segment of Brezza Lane, which would fully connect Old San Antonio Road to the IH-35 service road, is unfunded at this time. 

The project team explored other options to improve the low water crossing. We are pursuing the cul-de-sac and gates based on cost, constructability and effectiveness.


We have received the permit needed to begin construction. We are currently negotiating with our contractor.  We anticipate construction starting in the spring of 2021. Currently, we plan to keep the road open during the construction.  

Map showing low water crossing.


  • The gate will provide a more effective means of closing the road during floods than the current portable barricades.
  • The cul-de-sac will allow vehicles to turn around easily.
  • The historic bridge will remain.
  • Construction is slated to begin spring 2021 and the road will remain accessible during the duration of the construction project. 
  • The road will continue to remain open until further notice. 
  • The City of Austin and a private developer are in the early planning stages for an extension of Brezza Lane. 
  • A future road closure will be considered after completion of Brezza Lane, with input from stakeholders including other City departments and community groups. 

FM 1626 (Between I-35 and Manchaca Rd)

As part of the 2016 Transportation Mobility Bond, the Austin Transportation Department completed a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) for FM 1626 between I-35 Manchaca Road.  The report evaluated the current road conditions making safety and mobility recommendations for future design and construction opportunities.  The PER performed its analysis with the assumption that the low water crossing on the north end of Old San Antonio Road would be closed.  The full PER and additional information about FM 1626 are available on the Austin In Motion website.

Travis County Low Water Crossing

Travis County is planning to build a wider and taller bridge on Old San Antonio Road, south of FM 1626. More information is available on the Travis County website.



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