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Frequently Asked Questions

No.  Taking a driving safety course (DSC) to dismiss the case is NOT available after the initial appearance on your citation.

You can plead “no contest” and submit proof to the court of your incarceration.  Jail credit is determined by a judge and if granted, will result in a conviction.

Criminal convictions may result in any of the following based on your circumstances:

•Loss of driver license

•Surcharges assessed by the Department of Public Safety

•Increased insurance costs or cancellation

•Loss of job

•Loss of educational opportunities

•May affect immigration status

Yes.  You may change your plea from Not Guilty to No Contest or Guilty at any time prior to trial but you must also choose another available option.

You will not be arrested at the court.

  • Successfully complete a Driving Safety Course (if eligible).
  • Successfully complete a Deferred Disposition, similar to probation (if eligible).
  • Have case dismissed by showing appropriate proof of compliance (if eligible).
  • Not guilty verdict at a trial.
  • A jury trial consists of 6 citizens who will determine the outcome of your case based on the evidence set forth by the State (prosecutor).
  • A trial by judge consists of a judge hearing the case and determining the outcome based on the evidence set forth by the State (prosecutor).

Court costs and fees are required by the State Legislature and City Council.  The court is required to collect them.

No.  If you would like to consult an attorney it will be your responsibility.

You may want to consult an attorney for more information if you have additional questions.